What are Overage-Free Mobile Internet plans ?


    When looking at hotspot plans it shows about 10 Overage-Free Mobile Internet plans, all for different prices. When you open them there is no description saying what they are, how they are different or the amount of high speed data included.  I messaged tmobile about it and they sent me back an old price and plan list that didn't show any of these and the prices of the plans listed didn't match any of the options on the website, so that was no help.



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      • barcodeable

        It looks to me that T-Mobile is preparing to unleash a variety of different level mobile internet plans.

        They have not officially announced anything yet about what you have posted... But im guessing inorder to subscribe to these new tier plans, you will have to be on any one of the ONE PLAN's .


        OVERAGE-FREE Mobile Internet Plans... well... there are no overage fees attached to any of the current internet plans... it just sounds like the old mobile internet plan.... just with a polished look and new name - and upgraded prices .


        I also need to mention... I do not see the Simple Choice Mobile Internet 2GB plan on the list you posted, nor do i see the On-Demand Mobile Internet Option.


        Will these new Mobile Internet have "BINGE ON" ?


        I have a 2GB and a 6GB mobile internet plan and the 2GB plan has Music Freedom and the 6GB plan has Music Freedom and Binge On available.... Im interested to see how different will it be from what I already have in my account.

        • tmo_mike_c

          I can totally see how that's confusing. From what I've found, those features have different ranges for data usage (5GB, 10GB and so on). Once you hit 5GB for example, the data will slow down, instead of you being charged an additional fee. I am a bit surprised it doesn't have some kind of GB measurement to differentiate them.

            • chris@campbellsautosales.com

              No, each one just says your choice of data.  I also went to a tmobile store the other day to ask about it, but their internet was out so they couldn't look up my account or any plan information, and the people there did not know anything about these plans either. 


              So I messaged Tmoible from their website, they didn't have any information on this, I posted to their facebook and they just said send a message, I posted here and no one knows and I asked at a store and they never heard of overage free mobile internet.


              I just want to know like what is the difference from the $50 10GB plan or the Overage Free $50 plan, the 10GB is also overage free, it just cuts the speed once you hit the limit.







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            • tmo_marissa

              Hey there! Just wanted to check in here and see if you were able to give us a little bit more detail about what plan you're currently on! Thanks.


              - Marissa

              • tmo_mike_c

                Hi again!


                We do wanna make sure you get an answer. Can you come back and give us more details about the rate plan you're on? Thank you!

                  • bezigulavongodbody

                    The User-Experience of your e-Commerce sales funnel is horrible. I actually had to register for this forum because I was so confused about what my options are if I want to get a hotspot and use it for my main internet access at home. For a company your size and with your resources, I'm baffled as to how you haven't hired a UX / Conversion Rate Optimization consultant to make sure people like me are guided into exactly what we want, feel secure about making a purchase and follow through with that purchase. I do this for a living and if someone from corporate wants to contact me, I'll even do it for free if I  can use the results for a  case-study I'd publish on my website showing the kind of results I get.


                    Anyway, my library gave me a mobile hotspot on the 4G LTE network and they are charging me $30 a month. There is no data limit that they mentioned, I can connect 10 devices. How can I get this through you directly and give you the 30 instead of them?