T-Mobile promotion mastercard


    I recently switched from Verizon and did the #GetOutOfTheRed promotion. As part of this, T-Mobile promised to reimburse me for the remaining device installment agreement I had with Verizon, via prepaid mastercard.


    I received the "virtual" card but am finding some websites don't take it (several said they don't accept prepaid cards for online orders), and you can't use it to get cash at an ATM so basically the funds are stuck in an account.


    After a lot of research I found Wirecard's customer service number and then spent a good hour trying to get through to someone, they finally answered and said they would send me a physical card. They said it could take several weeks so I opted to expedite it for a $20 fee, and was promised to receive it by yesterday (July 7).


    When it still didn't arrive by EOD today (July 8), I called and waited on hold for an hour again to talk to someone and ask where it was. The rep gave me a tracking number which showed it wasn't even given to UPS until the yesterday (the 7th). When I asked for a refund of the expedition fee, he hung up on me.


    I don't know why T-Mobile partnered with Wirecard because they seem to be incompetent and rude to customers, but this whole experience has been such a hassle that I feel like switching back to Verizon.

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      • magenta2138519

        Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

        i went through the same exact thing with verizon!! but in my case i never received the reimbursement for switching over. so we had a bill from verizon and a bill from t-mobile. Not to much of a fan of switching companies because of that reason. i tried fighting it and didnt win.. the bill definitely was not cheap because of the plan we were on.

          • ikecalle

            Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

            Hi Magenta. Just curious why the network switch wasn't honored or approved by T-Mobile.  Is a prepaid card mailed out for that promotion also? I did the BOGO Galaxy S8 promotion. The free S8 is required to be on the Equipment Installment Plan. But the customer can apply the $750 MasterCard towards the phone cost or use it for personal use.

          • ikecalle

            Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

            Hey Jake. Thanks for the info. I feel for ya. I know its a pain but I wouldn't give up on getting the $20 reimbursed. Their system apparently has the date you paid the $20 and of course the later date the card was actually mailed. If that fails, simply have the charge reversed by telling your card provider your dispute. The $20 transaction  should be summarized as Expedited Shipping Fee or similar. How many weeks did it actually take to get the original "virtual" MasterCard?

            • exslyder

              Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

              In April 2015, shortly after T-Mobile started their promotion to pay off your old device, I switched from Sprint.  I sent in the information and bill, but never received anything from T-Mobile. 

              Fast forward to September 2017, after being told my iPad was never signed up for the Free Data for Life promotion (But I was told it was when I signed up my iPad) I complained about never getting my money from the pay to switch promotion. I’m given a number to call to see if this other department can help.


              Apparently i was given the number to the promotions department, after my call, lots of attempts to find or get a copy of my final bill from 2 1/2 years ago, I got ahold of a sprint department that was able to send it to me. The guy from promotions had already called me back 3 different times while I tried to track down the final bill. I sent him an email of the info showing the amounts owed from then. He then proceeded to process and approve the payment. So in 2-3 weeks I should be getting a payment I should have gotten almost 3 years ago. It was the same guy calling me back each time as well.


              Now THAT’S some good customer service.

              • magenta3263091

                Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

                About how long did it take to recieve your virtual Mastercard?

                • magenta3370133

                  Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

                  Go to Wal-Mart buy something n ask for cash back or buy something n use the card as debit n then return it n they will give u cash back........☺

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

                    Hey, jake1136! I just wanted to pop in here and apologize for the fact that your thread didn't originally receive a response from our team. It looks like it was marked as a discussion and flew under our radar; and we just did a site audit and it popped back up after being moved to a new discussion space!

                    Thanks for providing your feedback on both the virtual MC and the experience you had getting the physical replacement expedited -- we appreciate the insight into the customer experience with this and will get it passed on to our promo team!


                    exslyder - I know we're late here, but this story is *awesome*. I'm so stoked to read that a member of our promo team was able to get this accomplished for you! Thanks for taking the time to share.


                    magenta3263091 - Waiting is never fun! Which promotion are you participating in? I'd be happy to look up some timelines for you!


                    - Marissa

                      • foodstories2424

                        Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

                        I have been trying to apply to receive my "switch2t-mobile.com" rebate for a month. My sense is they want to wear me down and give up.

                        -The uploads on the site take FOREVER. 20 mins for a 40k photo of a document...c'mon.

                        - The Still have questions? Call Customer Care:  1-888-390-6867 is a wrong number - another business entirely. They really don’t want you to get through to someone easily

                        -I received 8 separate notices saying that my submission for reimbursement failed and that someone would call. Still waiting for those calls…

                          • tmo_marissa

                            Re: T-Mobile promotion mastercard

                            Oh, yikes! It definitely shouldn't take that much effort to load a document! Also, if you're seeing messages that you'll receive a call and you're not being followed up with, that's a problem. I'm going to shoot a private message your way to collect a few more details so that we can forward that feedback to the promo team -- please take a peek in your inbox when you have a moment!


                            You're correct that the number listed there doesn't actually route to our Customer Care team -- it directs to the Reimbursement team; and we should call that out! The 1-888 number you're seeing is the best number to reach out to with submission concerns, though, as Care isn't able to view these submissions. I know it's a bit of a maze, but you can reach an agent by dialing that number and following these prompts:

                            To reach an agent:

                            1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
                            2. Press 3.
                            3. Press 1.
                            4. Press 1.


                            It sounds like getting the submission completed has been super frustrating, and we appreciate the feedback. But I assure you we want to thank you for switching, not wear you down until you give up on reimbursement!