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    I would like to see an improvement in the Custer care being given by T Mobile representatives over the phone. Every time I call I am given conflicting information. An representative may tell me if you suspend your line you won't accumulate charges. Then when I get a bill another representative will tell me I was orginally misinformed. A small amount of above and beyond to find solutions. A large amount of representatives do not. Today I was on the phone with a supervisor Henry (employee number 12471686) and he continued to inform me that their was no way he could continue to accommodate me as the prior representative was because what she did was incorrect. He did not agree with the credit that the previous representative placed on the account. (She gave me a credit, restored my line, and was allowing an arrangement for the balance.) She siding realize I could not make the arrangemen myself online. So I called back. Henry didn't agree with her decision so he refused to try or give an effort to complete the accomidation of an arrangement for the balance. He kept referring to "what my financial situation would allow" which is very rude. In the past few months I dont feel wanted or cared for by the representatives. I do want sympathy. I want respect and good customer service. I hope this is seen by someone who can make the needed changes. Thanks

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      • tidbits

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        From my understanding regardless of carrier if you suspend WHILE a bill is being generated you will get a bill for what is already been completed as that billing cycle is completed.  The following bill will be delayed due to the suspension in effect.  They were both right and both wrong at the same time.

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          • e2k

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            In addition to what tidbits stated, I believe that the suspended line will still incur a fee of $10/month.

              • cesaribenitez95

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                e2k , that fees depends on the plan. Mine is at 20 per line. Now I feel that @magenta2116463 should have the fee waived as a one time good will ajd. Now as for payment arrangement that is a bit complex due to the fact it depends on a lot of factors; amount, age of dept, and installment plans. I know T-mobile has a way to break down your balance into monthy payments, but if you're paying of devices on IP, then you don't qualify.

                  • magenta2242746

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                    After many years of being a T-Mobile customer, I was forced to look for a cheaper plan and was told I had the cheapest one available.  I am on a very limited budget and because I do not need anything beyond a phone occasionally (I am old and do not need any other services.....just a phone), I switched to Consumer Cellular several months ago.  Prior to switching I had one T-Mobile account that included 3 lines (line 1 at a fixed rate, line 2 at $5.00 and line 3 free).  Now on the phone today, after two hours plus, four representatives (could not understand the first one), and a lot of different and conflicting information; was told that because I cancelled by switching to another company and not advising them to also cancel the $5.00 line and the free line I have continued to be billed for them at an increased rate equal to my original cancelled  line!. They very kindly cancelled them today but was told that I am still going to have to pay two months of  useage.  Since I assumed these two add-on lines would be cancelled (and since they were not used at all), I did not call and cancel them separately (I only had one account for the three lines).  We are talking about approximately $100.00.....I do not know because was given 4-5 different amounts to pay my account in full by the four representatives.  I forgot to mention that I  went online today (prior to calling them on the phone to pay what I actually owe them), but because my account was suspended could not gain access. The only concession they made was to not bill me for the two lines for june-July!  I just want to be done with T-Mobile and hopefully will be soon, but just felt compelled to share my experience.