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    How long does it take for the discount to be applied?  I got an email that said it was confirmed but my new statement doesn't show the discount yet.  I chatted with an agent and also spoke with someone on the phone but I am still unclear as to when the discount will be applied.  I was told it was confirmed and approved, I guess I am confused as to why it wouldn't already be applied?

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        Once a discount is approved it can take up to three bill cycles for it to actually reflect in the bill.

        • tmo_marissa

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          Hey, magenta2110640! Firstly, as an Army brat, thanks for your service. snn_555 is correct -- it can take a little time for the discount to reflect. A good marker for where you are in that process is when your bill cycle changes. All accounts that receive monthly discounts are grouped and billed together -- so your bill cycle will have the same start, close, and due dates as anyone else receiving a Veteran's discount for your particular service branch. Before the discount starts applying, you'll receive one prorated statement (for a partial month of service) while your billing dates are being shifted to match everyone else on that discount group. Have you had a bill yet for a partial month with a new due date? Or a bill for one month plus a few extra days, but due a little later than usual? Once this happens, the next full statement with the new due date is the one you'll see the discount on.


          - Marissa