Very useless Sync Up Drive - TMobile cheats on it, what to do?


    I get agreement with representatives that i will be no more responsible for SyncDrive device. My car was broken  through the window and sync drive didn’t sent me any notice. Items for 1500 were stolen. I am not demand compensation, but want you get back your useless sync drive. We decide that i came by person to set up cancelation. But than, when came to that store i didn’t find consultant who supposed to handle it. next day i came again and also this guy wasn’t available. I left my phone and somebody promised to call me back, but i have no call back. Than i rather think that when get more time i will fix it- cancel sync Drive completely. And i became wonder, when couple month later, nobody can find this agreement, and i was told, that anyway, even if i close this line, i will pay some amount every month for own this useless device. This make me feel unsure about if I must to stay client of T-Mobile.Because agreement was already done, and it was not my fault it wasn’t discontinued

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      • tmo_mike_c

        First off, I'm really sorry to hear your car was broken into seterius. I'm bummed that you're wanting to cancel the service. Even if you'd like to discontinued the SyncUP Drive service, we'd still like to keep you as part of the T-Mobile family. Were you able to get the SyncUP service line taken care of? Please let us know how we can help. Thank you.

          • seterius

            It take me too much time already to discuss and stillnunsuccesfull.

            They promised to take it back and broke this promise.

            This syncup drive was given to me and presented as too much useful device.

            They said " it will always kept your car safe,

            You will be always notified when somebody trying to broke into it.

            You will get the signal if somebody hit your car with the door on a parking


            You will see all maintenance alerts and technical issues.


            I need to change oil, need to fix ABS,

            Need to check electric motor on steering wheel,

            Sync up never says a word.

            Completely useless piece of trouble, which t-mobile was refusing to


            I spent already few days dealing with it!


            How much my time cost for one hour?

            No less than 20$/ hour.

            And I spend exactly no less than 15 hours with T-Mobile agents trying to

            clearing the situation.

              • tmo_mike_c

                It's a shame you've gone through this with the device and spent so much time trying to get this handled. What best we can offer here on support is troubleshooting the notifications. When you've contacted us before, has anyone tried to troubleshoot this for you and if so, what was the last thing that told you? Also, returning any device outside of the buyer's remorse time frame isn't something that's possible. If you've had it for longer, than this would be the reason why our store reps can't accept the device back and refund it. My apologies, we don't have any other options to help with a refund.

                  • seterius

                    It was agreement on January that you take it back.

                    But than I can't find that person who suppose to take it back,

                    And guys in shop starting to tell me that device works fine, but really not.

                    They kick my car in front of me and device didn't sent me any notifications.

                    But sometimes it says "possible disturbance occurred",

                    But this notice happened always when vehicle parking.

                    No need to touch it or kick- this notice will go in random order.

                    What guys told me about how nice device works-it's looks like they think I

                    am an idiot.

                    And they says " your device works fine, no need to give it back".

                    Oil change, abs trouble,  steering weel blocks etc- sync up drive never to

                    show any of this.

                    Average mileage on gallon was also shown improperly-

                    Very much different from the car computer and my calculations.


                    I can tell that syncup drive is useless and support in T-Mobile store

                    Is same way useless and rude too.

                    Trying to tell me that black is a white or bad is a good is obviously


                    Some guys told me that they agree -syncup drive is useless,

                    But anyway they cannot accept is fault of T-Mobile I still have not this

                    service disconnected

                    With full refund, even it was promised a few month ago.


                    Thank you.