Random audio issues from desktop and digits


    So I was in the digits beta but wasn't able to use it heavily because I've relied on Google Voice for a long time.  What little I did use it gave me the impression it was good enough to port my primary number over from GV to T-Mobile to use with Digits.  As I have started to depend on it more I've found that I have a random issue that comes and goes and I can't seem to pin down.


    I primarily use the Digits desktop app on my Macbook Pro on OSX Sierra.  I'm hardwired on a USB Ethernet connection and I have Fios for my internet with plenty of speed and very low latency.  I use voip applications all the time through other providers without any issues ever.  The thing I seem to notice most on Digits is I'll be talking and suddenly the person I'm talking too says they can't hear me.  My voice just completely drops out and they hear nothing.  I still hear them, but they're getting nothing from me.  Sometimes this recovers and other times it leads to a dropped call.  I'm somewhat familiar with VOIP and I would describe it as if there was sudden packet loss and that multiple UDP packets are not making it to the destination.  It's so random that I can have a call for 30 or 40 minutes without the issue and then make a call a few hours later and can't go more than a couple minutes without it happening.  One night it was so bad that every call did it within 30 seconds and I had to finally give up and make the call through another VOIP service I have.  Is there something on my end that is causing this?  I can't find any other reports of this so I figure it has to be somewhat unique to me.  Any suggestions of things to try on my side I'm definitely open to!



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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, dupsatou! Thanks for bringing that GV line home to this DIGITS neighborhood -- I'm sorry this isn't the best welcome! I haven't seen any reports of this specific issue either, but we'd definitely like to help you get to the bottom of it. Are you using DIGITS through Chrome or Firefox directly in the browser, or through the web app (the one you can download from the bottom of the DIGITS web homepage)? If you haven't tried the downloadable app (it's lightweight but does offer some stability) yet, we'd like to know if the issue still occurs when you can give it a shot!


        - Marissa

          • dupsatou

            Re: Random audio issues from desktop and digits

            Thanks for the response!  I have been using and prefer the desktop app for sure that I downloaded to my mac.  It's been rock solid on text messages its just been phone calls that its been unreliable. 

              • tmo_marissa

                Ouch. Well, I'm glad to hear that one part works -- but we're going for a holistic approach to communication here!
                I'm going to send a PM your way to grab some information and get a ticket filed for this. Full disclosure: I'm not sure what level of specificity our engineers will be able to reach in their reply, but they're definitely the best resource I can think of! Please take a look at your inbox when you've got some time and we'll get the matter sent over to them. Thank you!


                - Marissa