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    I referred a friend to t-mobile.  I did not know the procedure.  She switched today from Sprint to T-mobile.  I have been telling her to change over for a few months.  She finally went today.  She was told at the store that I would need to get on the computer and make the referral.  When I tried to add her I got a message that that number was already taken.  Is there anything I can do to receive the credit?  I have been with you for  close to 15 years,

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        I have referred several people and either they forget to mention me to the salesperson or dont tell me until it's too late. Once they have signed up though, it's too late.

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          Good morning, magenta2091359.


          I want to start of by recognizing how long you have been with us. 15 years is a lot and not many people stick with a wireless company that long these days, so thank you! To address your issue, sadly, snn_555 is correct. You have to initiate the referral at least 24 hours prior to them switching over. You can take a look at our referral program here. I'm sorry that you weren't given the proper information soon enough.


          Please let me know if you have any other questions.