My recent experience with T-Mobile


    Dear T-Mobile customer service,


    I would like to share my recent experience with T-Mobile, it was my first experience and probably my last. Here's what happened.


    I had a business trip to china on July 1st, I was worried I didn't have a working phone in china so my friend recommended me to use T-Mobile, knowing you have the unlimited plan across many countries in the world. After studying what T-Mobile offers on the website, I visited a T-Mobile store on June 30th. I asked the clerk to create a new line for me and my main purpose was to be able to use the phone in China. She assured me that’s easy to do and most people get T-Mobile for the same reason.


    The clerk explained to me the plans, what I needed to get in order to use my phone in China. I agreed to the terms, and she asked me for my SSN for credit check. I told her I froze all my credit because it's good practice, she says that's ok but then I need to put a $50 deposit. I said as long as I can use my phone in China, and get back my deposit after 1 month when I cancel, I'm ok with that. She assured me that I can use the phone in China and I can get my deposit back after 1 month. The clerk then started to do her work, then told me the deposit had increased to $75. I said that's ok as long as I can use the phone in China and get my deposit back after a month. She said yes.


    So I got everything done, she gave me a number that ended in 9286. I left the store happily. My wife even mentioned she wanted to switch to t-mobile because she travels a lot, I asked her to wait until I come back from my trip. We are long time Verizon customers 10+ years.


    On the night of June 30th, I put on my T-Mobile SIM card to make sure it's all working. I test called my wife but the number came up different from what the clerk told me. It was a different number ending in 8723. I didn't think much of it because everything else still worked.


    My flight to China started on July 1st, when I got there, the phone didn't work. I started panicking because I have no way of communication, the airport did not have free wifi, i couldn't tell my wife I got to China safely, she was worried sick. I had to work my way to the hotel without a phone by night fall to get wifi. Then I was able to contact my wife through wifi, letting her know I was safe.


    I turned on wifi calling feature and called T-Mobile. This was 8pm China time. On The first call, I was bounced around between agents, after explaining my situation with the first agent, she put me on hold to transfer me to customer care, then I had to explain the whole situation again and she put me on hold again to transfer me to activation personal. So I explained my situation again, and the activation personal put me on hold for 30 min, then hung up on me.


    Needless to say, I started losing patience and got a little frustrated. I called back again, explained my situation for the fourth time, asked to be transferred to activation agent, so I can explain my situation again, trying to get access to my phone in China. The activation agent told me the only way I will have access is for T-Mobile to run my credit. And I have to unfreeze my credit temporarily. It was explained to me that it was the only way for me to use my phone in China. Knowing I have important business meetings the next day, i had to do it. So I called my credit company and used the automated way to unfreeze my credit for a week, spent $10 and got a code to give to T-Mobile.


    I called T-Mobile for the third time, explained my situation again for the nth time, got to the activation agent, gave him the code, and it didn't work. The agent asked me when did I unfreeze my credit, I said 10 min ago, then the agent told me I need to wait 72 hours for it to work. I was shocked, here the T-Mobile agent told me to do this so I can get it done right away, and now a different agent is telling me it won't happen.


    Frustrated, I told the agent, "so are you telling me I spent the $10 to unfreeze my credit for nothing? "

    The agent replied back, with a chuckle, " yes, sir".


    At that time it was almost midnight. So I spent 4 hours trying to get access to my phone in China, and ended up with T-Mobile agent mocking me. This was my experience with T-Mobile.


    As you can see, I'm pretty frustrated and unhappy with the service, the customer care, and whole experience. I would like to cancel my service and get my deposit back. Can you help with this?




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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: My recent experience with T-Mobile

        When the store person told you that you could get international roaming without a credit check, the bells and whistles should have gone off right away.  No company would take an unlimited risk in exchange for a $75 deposit. A quick call to customer service before your trip could have clarified that you had been misinformed.


        When I go abroad, I generally have at least two completely independent means of communicating. Piranha Mobile is a good prepaid international roaming SIM to carry as a backup.

        • magenta2109804

          Thanks for your replies. this is terrible!

          are there any T-Mobile reps here that monitor these forums?

          'What choices do I have now? Do I just call customer service to cancel my plan?



            • drnewcomb2

              Re: My recent experience with T-Mobile

              The idea of this forum is that the "community" (us customers) get a shot and if it's not resolved (marked answered) within a week or so, then someone with "tmo_" in their ID shows up to see if they can help.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: My recent experience with T-Mobile

                Oh my goodness magenta2109804, I'm super sad you've had this kind of experience. This really isn't something that should have happened and bummed we didn't take the opportunity to treat you or your situation better. I'd like to help you using any way possible. I sent you a private message, can you please respond to that? This isn't how you should have been treated at all and I'd like to make sure this is reported properly as well as help guide you to getting your account taken care of. My apologies for how things went, but thank you for choosing to come here and tell us about this.