Traveling with T-Mobile ONE & T-Mobile ONE + International Plans


    Hello there!  My husband and I will be traveling to France and Portugal next week for 3 weeks, and we have some questions regarding using our iPhones internationally:


    1.  I have the iPhone 7 Plus and just upgraded to the T-Mobile One + International Plan, and my husband has the iPhone 5 with the T-Mobile One Plan.  When we arrive in Europe, do we need to change the settings on our phone (i.e. turn on cellular data options)?  Anything else we need to do?


    2.  I was just talking to a T-Mobile agent on the phone, and she told me that we need to dial #766# to turn on data roaming on our iPhones when we get to France, and dial #763# to turn it off when we leave Europe.  I thought the T-Mobile One and T-Mobile One + International Plans will automatically detect data roaming when we change the iPhone settings?  Is that correct?  We are so confused! 


    3.  With my T-Mobile One + International Plan, will I get 4G/LTE data while in Europe?


    Any advice or personal experience you can share with us will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much!

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