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    i've been with T-Mobile 4 plus years  technically since 2008. I love the layout by the way it looks more refreshing, welcoming, exciting, innovative, UI, lots of visual big plus, anyways back to Data Stash  I thought of you many times how my primary account as me use about 10 GB a month however my other line doesn't use as near as I do it's a 6gb  and end up not using as much so I'm thinking that should be a  rewarding system where if one doesn't use much data stash they can get a free burger at their old fashion joint or perhaps a movie out Faucher or discount or perhaps even a bill credit as a gift for five bucks ,  another idea would be that if the data stash had a higher capacity instead of 20 GB I would like it to be close to 30 GB of data stash .

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      • Thing is, the only plan available is the ONE plan.  Simple Choice plans with Data Stash are legacy plans now.  With ONE, data is unlimited.  I wouldn't expect any changes with legacy plans.  ONE has a Kickback promo where if you use less than 2GB you get back $10.

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          We appreciate your ideas on how to make Data Stash even more amazing. I do agree with snn_555 about the likelihood of changes being made to that feature. Although, free burgers sound delicious! As mentioned, we do have other ways to reward our customers for using our services or certain plans. Now with that being said, my word isn't law when it comes to changes to incentives like Data Stash, but in my opinion, I don't see this one being on the radar for being changed. As always, thanks for coming here to post your ideas.