Nokia 2720 suddenly lost MMS and Web. How to fix?


    This was my phone for years actually. Well then I gave it to Grandpa when I got my Lumia 925. Then I got it back from Grandpa when I got him a ZTE Z-320. Well, after years of working fine it suddenly stopped receiving and sending MMS messages. It also stopped connecting to the web altogether, although I'm only interested in fixing the MMS problem but I think they're related.


    Before, when I would send an MMS message or select "Web2go" it would show a "G" in the top of the screen and then do it's thing. Same when I would receive an MMS message. Well, now it won't show that "G". It says it's sending the MMS text message for hours and never does, eventually saying that it failed at doing so. And incoming MMS messages try to come in for a long time (spinning envelope at top, but no "G") but ultimately fail too.


    The odd thing is that it just started doing this as soon as I got back from spending a weekend in Mexico. It even sent picture messages just fine from Mexico. But I get back to my home town and it won't do anything of the sort.


    I've been trying to see if I can reenter the APN settings but am having a hard time figuring out how to do all that.


    What do you think could be the problem? Or more importantly, the solution?



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      • I would contact T-Mobile technical assistance as there may have been something that did not revert back when you came back home and the line may need to be re-provisioned or reset.

          • mr_l84

            Thanks! I will try that. Or maybe swing by a T-Mobile store when I go to the big city tomorrow.


            Here's also an update:


            So I took out my Lumia 925 and slipped the SIM in it and set it to 2G only. No MMS nor web either. But on 4G or LTE it works fine. But nothing at all on 2G, nothing needing the Web works on 2G on either phone. Of course the older 2720 only has 2G capability.

              • I do know a lot of support for web data is no longer supported on basic and feature phones.

                  • mr_l84

                    Re: Nokia 2720 suddenly lost MMS and Web. How to fix?

                    True. But the point is the phone doesn't even seem to attempt to connect to the web. Normally I can get it to display, for an example.



                    So I did two things. I called T-Mobile customer service. Well, after trying things to get it to work they gave me a number to call a technician, which I'd like to do today if I can find where I put that number.


                    Second, I went out of town this weekend. Along the way on other T-Mobile 2G towers the phone sent and received picture messages just fine and would connect to too. As soon as I got back to my home town it stopped working again. This is obviously just a problem with my home town T-Mobile 2G tower.

                      • tmo_amanda

                        Hey, mr_l84!


                        Thanks for the continuous updates! I agree, it sounds like the network in your hometown is the issue. Do you mind sharing the zip code with me? I'll take a look at the frequencies supported there and compare them with your phone.

                          • mr_l84

                            Yes. It's 81230.


                            And I've confirmed on some other trips that picture messaging works fine in other towns as well. Just not here.

                              • tmo_amanda

                                mr_l84, I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you, but thank you for your reply. drnewcomb2 is correct -- the network offered in Gunninson will only provide voice and sms. This explains why you're able to send/receive picture messages in other areas.


                                I'm in total agreement that we need to offer a LTE flip phone!

                                  • mr_l84

                                    That's too bad. I guess I really better get looking at LTE phones. But thanks for your help anyway.


                                    Yes on the flip-phone. You can add "and/or candybar phone" in there as well as I personally prefer the candybar style basic phones. And not just the Alcatel GoFlip  either. Right now the only options parents have to block or control internet access to their children on a T-Mobile phone is to 1) not buy them a phone, 2) get them an old used non-Wi-Fi phone like mine that won't work right and soon won't work at all or 3) get them an expensive iPhone, which seems to be the only phone with good parental controls and yet seems a bit counterintuitive to me buying them the phone with all the bells and whistles just to block access to all or most of the bells and whistles.


                                    The same goes for adults like me just wanting to keep the distraction of internet out of their pocket.

                      • drnewcomb2

                        You know, I've got this old Motorola V550 quad-band GSM (2G) phone. I just love it, best phone ever but I don't use it. T-Mobile is moving forward and not spending a lot of time looking back. The CTO, Neville Ray, has stated that he wants to dump both 2G (GMS/EDGE) and 3G/3.5G (UMTS/HSPA+) and make T-Mobile and all-LTE network. While I don't generally recommend buying a new phone right now. When the new models with band-71 (600 MHz) come out, you should probably be thinking real hard about retiring your old phone(s) and getting new ones.

                          • mr_l84

                            Thanks! I'm aware of that. I guess I'm just (extremely, very, exaggeratedly) picky when it comes to phones. I hate smartphones. There's no way I'm ever going back to a smart phone. And the few basic phones available for 4G LTE just don't appeal to me. So I'm trying to clench and grasp onto my beloved Nokia's until they pry them out of my hands by removing 2G. I'll probably get a used ZTE Z-320 when I finally have to. But until that happends I'm hoping and wishing that T-Mobile will again offer a phone that I like before 2G is gone.


                            An LTE compatible Nokia 3310 2017 edition would be sweet.

                              • drnewcomb2

                                T-Mobile needs to offer at least one fully LTE compatible flip phone. There are just people like you who don't want to carry a smartphone but still want to use T-Mobile but this is contrary to their one-size-fits-all approach. They now only offer one plan, which is entirely oriented toward smartphone users.

                                  • mr_l84

                                    All very true, yet sad.


                                    Fortunately I still have T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan. It comes with 2GB of sometimes unnecessary data on each account, but at least it's cheaper than the new One plan. Mind you I have 4 lines for the family and only 2 of them are smartphones and only one of those smartphones regularly reaches its 2GB limit. In the whole family (mostly Verizon customers) nearly half do not have smartphones. Grandpa and Dad do not like smartphones. All the children are not allowed smartphones until they are old enough. Just the other day a friend of mine babysits a kid who was nearly raped by a pedophile that had be communicating with him via, you guessed it, a smartphone.


                                    From a company perspective, smartphones make money. From a consumer perspective, they are the latest and greatest in technology. From a practical perspective they aren't for everybody.


                                    T-Mobile did offer the ZTE Z-320 with LTE. It just seems a bit bulky to me. As of now they offer the Alcatel Go-Flip. But what I don't like about that phone is the Wi-Fi capability. Say I have a child who I don't want to have internet everywhere he goes. I can call T-Mobile and have data disabled, but now if the device has Wi-Fi, now he can connect anywhere that offers Wi-Fi and still get on the internet.