Galaxy S7 june security update network issues on android 7.0


    Updated my phones software through the update feature. Now my phone cannot connect to internet. I can however connect to the internet through mobile hotspot on my laptop which connects through my phone. On my phone, the 4g lte sign lights up on and off repeatedly non stop. when I turn on mobile hotspot, 4g lte sign stays lit but I cannot connect to internet on my phone, even though my laptop can. When I go into settings, it shows I am connected to an IP address for a split second and then says not connected. Same with the mobile network in sim settings. only connected when the 4g lte sign is lit. happened after update. worked perfectly b4 update.

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      • magenta2103670

        charged my phone and now it works...interesting...i did try all that network setting resets and that did not work. neither did restarting the phone.

          • bobalou4770

            Signed up for T-Mobile and brought my unlocked Galaxy S7 edges with me from AT&T. Phones worked great for a week, them all of a sudden, I was unable to access anything via internet (could still make and receive phone calls). T-Mobile store personnel and phone technical support had me jump through all the hoops and weren't able to resolve it. Googled the issue and found it was a known problem, they believe something to do with a refresh that AT&T sends out periodically. There is a "Rube Goldberg Style" workaround; turning on Airplane mode, waiting a few seconds, then turning it back off restores functionality. But any encounter with a wi-fi network or a reset of the phone causes the issue to reemerge.


            Kinda feeling like it is either an attempt by AT&T to mess with those that left the fold or an attempt by T-Mobile to sell me a new phone. There has to be a more permanent fix, doesn't there?