Samsung Galaxy S8+ signal drops when going indoors



    I just switched networks from Straight talk to TMobile and upgraded from the Nexus 5x to the Galaxy S8+.

    Now when I go indoors at my office the signal drops entirely and I can barely send out texts.  All network services don't work.  If I walk outside then the signal comes back.  I never had any issues with my previous phone, I had service all over the office.  Is anyone else experiencing signal issues when indoors?  I am wondering if it is a universal issue or if there is possibly a issue with my phone.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh no! Signal dropping is so rude, but we really wanna help you out noelxmas21 . Have you had any drop in signal when you've gone anywhere else, or is this just happening in your office? If you restart the phone, does it ever connect and stay on T-Mobile's network? Do you have any other T-Mobile lines that have trouble like this in your office? Please let us know. Thank you.

        • drnewcomb2

          This is a not-uncommon complaint with T-Mobile. To a large extent it depends on location as T-Mobile has 700 MHz licenses in only about 1/2 the US and is still busy installing new 700 MHz equipment to overlay their network where they do. 700 MHz is T-Mobile's frequency band that helps with range and building penetration.


          Where, specifically, is this happening? How long have you had T-Mobile service and did you keep the Nexus 5x?

            • noelxmas21

              The office is at 100 liberty way Dover NH 03820.  I don't have the Nexus 5x anymore, it had a hardware failure so I can't turn it on anymore.  Then after that I was planning on swinging to my girlfriend's phone plan anyways so I got my new phone and switched to TMobile July 4th.

              I have been able to use wifi calling on my phone in the office so it hasn't been as big of an issue as I originally thought it would be.

                • drnewcomb2

                  At this location, with a band-12 device, T-Mobile predicts "Good" coverage, which translates as "Cell reception outdoors, in most homes and some big buildings" (emphasis added). You are getting service from two towers, one located about 3 km east and the other about 4 km NNW. Both appear to have 700 MHz service. Service inside is really a function of the materials the building is constructed with, the distances and directions to towers and the carriers' design philosophies. T-Mobile tends to practice an extremely "conservative"  network engineering philosophy which emphasizes maximizing network capacity at the expense of range and building penetration. This often means that even when both carriers have low-band deployed in an area, AT&T's signal will work inside buildings better than T-Mobile's. This often frustrates customers who don't like it when their phone drops service inside elevators, etc. If you have access to WiFi inside your workplace, T-Mobile's idea is that you should be using their WiFi Calling feature.


                  Before you got rid of the 5X did you try the "Two-finger reboot" method? Our 5X locked up during a firmware upgrade and wouldn't boot at all but Google replaced it under a "secret" extended warranty policy for phones that die during firmware upgrades.