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    I bought my LG Aristo about 3 months ago and it seemed to work OK. A few weeks later everybody I talked to with the phone complained that they heard their voice echoing when they spoke to me. It was so confusing that  several people refused to talk to me over my phone. When I use the speaker they didn't have the problem, but I had no privacy.


      I went to the T Mobile store and they tried lots of different settings. No luck!    The phone was exchanged (at a cost of $21.75) and I got a refurb phone two weeks ago. It seemed OK till last week when the same problem echo started up. 


    I went to the T Mobile store and they say there is nothing to do but exchange it again (for $21.75).  WiFi on or off makes no difference.

    Has anybody else had this problem. I have no confidence that I won't get the original phone back with this exchange.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: LG Aristo echo

        Ahh man! This is a total bummer! The fact that the issue does not occur when you are on speaker phone leads me to believe this to be a hardware/software issue. Speakerphone and normal mode use the same microphone to pick up your voice so I am leaning more toward a software issue since the only thing that fixes this issue is enabling speakerphone. Out of curiosity, have you had a chance to do any resets on your most recent replacement device?

          • magenta2083123

            Re: LG Aristo echo

            The T mobile store thought it was a hardware problem and declined resetting the phone and ordered a second replacement phone. I got the replacement phone today. The manufacturing dare is two months younger than the old phone. I have only had it an hour or two but the calls now don't hear reports of the echo.

            Thanks for your comments. I will post again if this phone goes bad. I am promised a different phone if it does.