any suggestions on how to fix problem with texting (since update)?


    Any suggestions on how to fix texting problem?


    My Galaxy S6 has been having problems with group texts since the update.  It causes all texts to stall.  I have to power off phone, sometimes 3 times, before it'll start sending and receiving texts. I only know my phone is stalled when I send myself a short text and it fails.  Then texts from a few hours ago will all come through, with the current time stamp.  I'll look at my husbands phone and see that he sent the text at 10am but I didn't get it until i rebooted at 2pm.   That's when I reboot several times.  Didn't have this problem before.  Was on a tmobile chat last weekend.  I was also told I could not roll back the update. I did customer satisfaction survey. I was not very positive.  I got a call a few hours later and was told I would get contacted by someone.  Have not heard back.


    While on the t-mobile chat, I was told to download a third party app for messaging, so now I'm trying Facebook messenger.  I've done device maintenance and optimized it. I have cleaned storage and memory. Very frustrating.  My perfectly functional phone is now a major source of frustration.  I use texting for work, so this is a major inconvenience.

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