Tmobile can't fix black friday promotion


    I signed up for the black friday promotion in November for 4 lines for $120 (two lines free). I got my first three bills and they were full price with no promotion. So each month I called tmobile and they said it could take 2-3 bills for it to appear but gave me a credit till then. Well it is now 8 bills later, and they still charge me full price for the lines and I have to call every month and explain the issue and they give me a credit for that month and assure me that this is the last bill without the correct promotion.


    I also have two Google Pixel promotions that are supposed to be on the bill for the last three months, but only one would showing up. Whatever the phone rep did two months ago to "fix" the promotion + 2nd Pixel now has neither Pixel credits on the bill.


    It is very frustrating to talk to reps and have them send me text and email confirmation about how my bill will be fixed and that there was a "system issue" with promotions, and then next month the same thing again. I feel as if the reps are simply lying to me to get me off the phone because they have no idea how to fix the issue, so they give me a credit and send me on my way.


    At this point, what is my best course of action to try to get this resolved?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Tmobile can't fix black friday promotion

        Hey, confuzing!


        Thank you for joining our Support Community to share your experience about the Black Friday promo. Having to call every month to get your bill straightened out is a hassle and I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. I'd like to think of myself as a billing guru but I'm stumped as to how one of the Pixel credits would simply stop showing up. It's possible that your account is being reviewed to have the proper credits applied which generally doesn't happen immediately. I highly recommend getting in touch with T-Force (our social media customer service team) as they have the necessary account access to review the promotion and credits. You can contact them by clicking the Facebook/Twitter icon in my signature or by going here. Again, I'm incredibly sorry you've been having to go through this for 8 months. Please keep us updated on the outcome after you work with T-Force.