Is bands 2,4,and 12 still being used to expand coverage?


    So i just recently came home from a nice vacation and while i was away i was constantly reading both exciting and horrible things about home in regards to all the carriers. One of the things i was thinking about and wondering though is how the coverage expansion was going. I'm well aware that t-mobile acquired nationwide access to a swath of 600mhz spectrum and that by the end of 2017 their coverage should look like the map that they use to compare to other carriers. My problem is that i haven't seen any noticeable improvements in actual native coverage.


    That is not to say huge improvements are not being made or that speeds are not incredible in places like Detroit or Atlanta which i saw above 100mb download in the airport. Its just that there is still so much missing. Now T-mobile plans to charge a bit more based off of what i read on redit and various news outlets even though coverage is still not on par with Verizon.


    So as mentioned with the title I just want some info regarding future expansion of coverage. Will it be in the current bands or will it only be seen with the 600mhz and require a new phone purchase to be made.


    PS still love my t-mobile service and rate plan and am quite happy thanks to DIGITS. Just want to see some progress since i have to travel alot more throughout to US and alot of places leave much to be desired.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey dragon1562  and thanks for posting this great question. I did some digging and I do see we have some places that are gonna be updated to our LTE band so, that's still gonna be available. T-Mobile's always trying to make changes and move with the swing in technology and consistent improvement is always something we strive for. I'm guessing you've seen our News Room page with some of our info about network changes. We'll be as specific as we can if there's a specific area you're interested in getting coverage info on.

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          • dragon1562

            That is correct i have been paying close attention to improvements in coverage. All of which talked about the new spectrum that T-mobile acquired but none made mention to refarming specific markets. Although certain threads on Reddit would report improvements at times. Also the improvements have been noticeable trust me. I was in Detroit recently and I was pulling 80 to 120mb over LTE in the airport. Go back 2 years and i was lucky to pull 5mb down.


            So to be clear there is still going to be a continued expansion of coverage using older spectrum licenses like band 2.