T-Mobile Smart Choice Unlimited with tethering vs One Plus




    I currently have the Simple Choice Unlimited plan with tethering. I pay $80 with taxes. I am considering switching to T-Mobile One plus account, but I had some questions that I am hoping someone can help clear up for me.



    1. With T-Mobile One Plus can I add a second device to my pre-existing phone number, i.e. can I have one phone number that works on 2 devices? If so how much extra does this cost per month?
    2. I sometimes drive from the Washington through Canada to Alaska, with my current plan I am able to make calls and use data (albeit speed limited) without any extra charges, is this true of the One Plus plan as well?
    3. It is my understanding that with One Plus I can view HD videos (i.e. not throttled to 480p) without any extra fee. Is this correct?
    4. I currently have tethering on my Simple Choice unlimited plan, I rarely use it but I want to make sure I have it available for when I am on the road, are there any major differences between what I have now and One Plus? Can you please enumerate the differences?
    5. Is there anything my T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited with tethering plan has that is better or missing in the T-Mobile One Plus plan?



    Thanks in advance for any help!

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