All 10 months I've been a customer, my bill has been wrong.


    I've also sent the following (with a little bit of extra info to identify my account) as an email to John Legere.  I'm hoping that posting here could result in a faster resolution


    For months my bills have been different every month and always significantly ($100 or more) than what is expected.  In fact if i'm not mistaken, it has never been correct since starting with t-mobile in Sept 2016.


    I've spent numerous hours talking and chatting with customer service. I've twice spent more than 2 hours traveling round trip to the store where I added some lines because I was told they could fix it.  Based on my notes I've used more than $1800 of my time at my normal hourly rate at work (multiple dozens of hours).


    I've been told many times that the problem was now fixed.  I've received text messages from people it was "escalated" to saying it was fixed.  Every time the next bill comes, and still the problem has not been fixed. I no longer have the time to try and explain it to customer service agents.


    I asked for an email or mailing address where I could explain in writing, but was told nothing is available.


    Some background information

    what I expect my bill to be:

    ...6449 (Sam S7)

    $70 first line on T-Mobile One

    $26.49 Device installment fee

    ...6288 (Sam S7)

    $50 second line on T-Mobile One

    No device fee after bill credit (Galaxy S7 Buy one-Get one promo, Nov 12, 2016)

    ...1790 (LG K10)

    $20 third line on T-Mobile One

    No device fee after bill credit (K10 promo pricing)

    ...4300 (Sam TabE)

    Free fourth line on T-Mobile One

    No device fee after bill credit (Tab E promo pricing)

    ...4056 (Gear S3)

    Free 5th line on T-Mobile One (Magenta Friday add 2 lines promo)

    $15.42 device installment fee


    Free 6th line on T-Mobile One (Magenta Friday add 2 lines promo)

    sim card only, No device fee / BYOD

    totals: $181.91 + taxes and fees

    Multiple times I have been told this is correct by agents, but the bill still doesn't reflect it.


    other issues:

    • I wasn't able to add the free "One Plus" to my lines during the promotion because I couldn't make changes when there were past due amounts (it gave me an error when I tried in the T-Mobile app).  If possible I would like this.
    • I was told I couldn't get the "no taxes and fees" service, but i didn't feel it was explained why. Obviously I would like this if it were to save me money.
    • Auto pay was turned off by one the first customer service agents I spoke with so it wouldn't try and charge my account the over-billed amount.  As the bill has never gone back to the correct amount, autopay has never been put back on.  Because of the reason it was removed, I feel I should still receive the discount.
    • Reconnection fees may be charged, but shouldn't be.  We have been paying what the bill should be each month so there shouldn't be any past due to cause a suspension.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there, mattflamm! I'm sorry we're not welcoming you to the Support Community under better circumstances. To be honest, one month with an incorrect bill is frustrating -- ten months without an accurate statement sounds plain crazy! Do the bills seem to be off in the same way every month? For example, are they the same promotional bill credits or promotional EIP (device) credits that are missing? Or is it different each time?


        I'm glad to read you've utilized the email address that you were able to locate. It's a huge letdown to read that we advised you there were no addresses to write to -- our Customer Relations team's address is on our Contact page, and if you were interested in communicating via writing, that is a fine method of contact. You were so earnest about your reason for posting here, and I want to be up front with you about our forum -- this Support Community is a public user forum, so Community members and managers don't have the ability to look at individual accounts. That said, we absolutely want this matter attended to and resolved for you once and for all. Typically, when a matter needs individual account access (as this situation certainly does, because we want your bill to be right without you having to contact us each month), we refer users to our T-Force teams through Twitter or Facebook. Like this forum, it's an online method of communication -- however, in those channels, we have a secure account verification process, so we can review your bills and see what's missing. Whether they're EIP credits or line credits, we have internal escalation points to forward account details to if the billing system isn't doing the right thing. Have you worked with T-Force previously? Have you received a reply back from the e-mail that you sent?


        While we may not be able to open your account up and take a peek, we can absolutely forward feedback about this experience, and will do so. But we also want to make sure you're being helped. Please let us know how you're doing, and thank you for taking the time to post here.


        - Marissa

        • tmo_chris

          Hey mattflamm,


          I just wanted to check in here to see how things are going. Have you received an email reply yet or did you go ahead and reach out to our T-Force team?

          • tmo_marissa

            Hi, mattflamm! I just wanted to touch base with you and see how you're doing with these billing concerns. Please keep us posted if there are any updates, either via the contact you initiated via email or if you've had a chance to work with T-Force. Thank you!


            - Marissa