Dishonest Promotion


    I left Verizon to come to T-Mobile for the "3 Lines for $100 deal". There was another promotion going where I got a free Samsung S7 phone if I sent in my old phone, a Samsung S5 in mint condition, lifetime in protective case. I sent my phone in.


    When I received my phone, it was defective. I had to send it back in and wait 2 weeks for a new phone. Things happen, I understand. I received replacement phone and sent in my S5. Billing was correct for the 3 lines, $100, however, T-Mobile was charging me for the S7. I called customer service, explained the issue, and was told this is how T-Mobile does things, and that they would correct my bill and the $26 monthly fee for S7 would be waived. This never happened, despite multiple customer service reps promising it.


    I finally called Customer Loyalty, hoping to finally get it resolved. I was told that I was not eligible for the free S7 because the offer ended right before I enrolled, despite the multiple promises, and having sent my S5 to T-Mobile's warehouse. I was told I cannot get my S5 back, and that there was nothing T-Mobile was going to do to honor the original deal. I think Verizon has a lot of promos out there, and does not remove the promos in a timely fashion, so 3 months later, when they are finally removed, the only records they have make it look like the customer made it all up. Ridiculous.


    Additionally, I was "disconnected" 4 times during my 10+ calls to customer support. The disconnects were not on my end. I was always polite and calm. There is no way this was an accident. 4 out of 10 calls disconnected, really??


    Additionally, one of the 3 sim cards we paid for was bad, and despite 3 requests for a new card, none were sent.


    Additionally, there is ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE in my wife's business complex, even though everyone who has any other provider has service.


    I will be going back to Verizon. My advice to anyone considering T-Mobile would be to turn away immediately. Customer service is as bad as any I have dealt with.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Dishonest Promotion

        Hey magenta2087584,


        This is definitely not the start we want you to have with us and we would be very sad to see you go! I want to make sure I address all the concerns you have here so I am going to list them out.


        No coverage at Wife's place of work - I know your wife probable spends a great deal of time there so I understand the importance of having reliable coverage there. Do you happen to have the ZIP code and cross streets of her business complex? Also, what kind of phone is she using and does she have the same issue while outdoors in that area?


        Bad SIM card - If you have a SIM card the malfunctions, we can definitely replace it for free. Were you ever told that we were going to send you a replacement or was the call ended before we could confirm that we were sending you one.


        Calls disconnecting multiple times while calling our support teams -  This, I can't really say why this happened If you feel that the call was disconnected on you purposefully, that is not okay and I would be more than happy to gather some information from you to ensure that the proper feedback is given.


        Ineligibility for free S7 promotion -  This one is a bit tricky. We will always list the promotional eligibility dates on any promos we run. if the offer is claimed after the promotional window is closed, there is not going to be much we can do to qualify you. If you feel that you met the promotional requirements when you activated service, we can take a closer look at your account to see exactly what happened. If you prefer written correspondence and have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team using the FB and TW icons in my signature. They will be able to pull up your account and compare it to the promotion to see if there is anything that we missed.