Cincinnati outage?


    On Monday 06/26/2017 I woke up to only Edge speeds. I thought maybe it was my phone and checked all the settings and also went to work normally. At work I could get a few times on H+ signals on my phone using my Samsung Note 3 while downtown near the Fountain Square area. But going back home toward my neighborhood after traveling up I-71 past Kenwood Mall and through the Blue Ash / Sharonville area through Wal-Mart I'm back to Edge speeds again. I haven't gone over my limit for the month. I'm only about at 2.4 GB used for the month. I decided to finally call them 6/28/2017 around 8 to 9am in the morning on Wednesday to see what was up. I spoke with Angel from T-Mobile and she said there were 3 confirmed tower outages in Cincinnati. She transferred me to Tech support to a gentleman and I told them the problem I was experiencing. I hadn't been using my phone excessively or doing anything like that also explained that I had checked my APN settings and it was on the correct fast.t-mobile settings. I even tried rebooting and reconnecting to the T-Mobile settings using the Android settings and still got Edge speeds. The representative partly credited my account and apologized for the inconvenience and that he didn't know when the towers would be back up but told me since 6/23/2017 there was a network outage issue in the area and I checked the internet and outage websites and downtime websites and confirmed there was some mention of some network nationwide outage around 6/22/2017. I didn't see anything on downtime's website but I did see a CBS news article that said it had hit major carriers including Verizon but didn't seem to have any problems the other day on my friend's phone. The news site suggested the problem was fixed. Yesterday I was able to get H+ speeds which is my typical full speed normally when not throttled. This was for about 30 seconds near Boi Na Braza around Fountain Square downtown. Is there anything I can do or any idea when I will be able to get back my normal speeds? It's hard to contact T-Mobile and there isn't a message option or chat option when my data is down and I couldn't even find an email address for customer support on the website. I can't connect to T-Mobile fast enough at the moment since I have no data. I can still text and probably call. I can't access social media at work to contact T-Mobile for obvious reasons.  Please let me know what to do. I've never had my service down for this long and I've had T-Mobile for around 2 years. This Samsung Note 3 has worked before without any issues.

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      • magenta2053076

        Re: Cincinnati outage?

        Saturday, July 1, 2017. It has been 6 days since I have been on Edge speeds. I tried most of the day and can't get H+ speeds on the Samsung Note 3 although I didn't do anything to change my settings. I called T-Mobile on Friday, June 30, 2017 and talked to a gentleman asking about bands on the phone thinking perhaps they did an upgrade in my area and that perhaps with the 4G LTE rollouts it might have affected my service. I checked around on the Community forums and saw some people in other areas of the country had unbeknownst to them been phased out of a bring-your-own-device because UTMS 1900 was no longer being supported soon with the uograde to more LTE coverage so I called to double check. The customer service said she checked and confirmed that my phone seemed to still have coverage using band 4 and 2100/2600 bands over ìn tech support.  She and I spoke for about half an hour and she admitted most people weren't tech savvy enough to check band requirements and check online forum info. She confirmed my zip code and also informed me if I was aware that there was a known network outage as I wanted to confirm that there really was one. I asked if upgrading to another newer phone I had as a spare would make my life easier and she said maybe if it supports new bands but right now with the outage it wouldn't probably make too big of a difference because it was an outage after all. I was surprised that it took them so long to alert me and they said they had to confirm and collect data from multiple reports to make sure wasn't just isolated to a particular make or model of phone etc. Made sense. She apologized for the lack of service and offered to make it a priority ticket and said it should be fixed hopefully in a week.


        July 1, 2017. Spotty service throughout the day and no bars most of afternoon.  Slow at night.


        July 2, 2017. Was able to get 2 to 3 bars but not 4 bars. Still stuck on Edge speeds. My internet is about 30kbps to 40kbps and sometimes slower. Upload spead up to 15kbps to 50kbps. Pages loading faster.


        Unfortunately my theory seems to be correct. They might be gradually phasing my phone of only 2 years. Forced obsolescence :



        Cincinnati is a postponed upgrade to June 27, 2017 around when I had troubles.


        I feel postpaid and prepaid should be offered the same credit offers for upgrade since we're still using the same service.

        • magenta2053076

          Re: Cincinnati outage?

          At first i thought it was getting better this morning Monday,  July 3rd 2017 but instead it's the same. I had gotten three bars and even four bars this morning with download speeds up to 55kbps but now it's back to 2 bars and around 20kbps. Disappointed.

          • magenta2053076

            Re: Cincinnati outage?

            So tonight  I am getting fairly consistent Edge speeds on my Note 3. I'm getting between 3 to 4 bars.

            I checked the bands and frequencies supported by T-Mobile.

            Apparently  my Note 3 is likely no longer fully supported by T-Mobile nor ever was.

            Mine seemed to be an International LTE version. It was the SM--N9005 version with 32GB.



            And I think the 1900 frequency was allowing it to pick up HSPA+ speeds aka 4G not 4G LTE. I was okay eith HSPA+ because it was fast enough. However seems TMobile is upgrading to an all LTE network soon over the July 4th weekend likely. I have a spare LG V20 US996 which is fully supported.



            I wonder if they will let us know when LTE is fully implemented in Cincinnati. I wonder how this will affect those on regular 4G plans?

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Cincinnati outage?

                Hey magenta2053076 ,


                I am truly sorry that your phone is no longer getting the speeds it once got with us The upgrades we are doing are going to improve the LTE coverage we provide there and as you have read, this mean we have to re allocate some spectrum to do so. I am glad to hear that you have your V20 as a backup but if you are interested in upgrading and have an eligible account, we have some pretty sweet offers available to those that were impacted. Please Contact Us when you have some time and we can go over your options if eligible.

              • magenta2053076

                Re: Cincinnati outage?

                Unfortunately I didn't qualify for any free phone I believe. I called and tried. But I did have a zero down credit I could have used for a post paid plan. I didn't feel like changing plans and had already spent $800 on a new phone with 4 free extra that came with the order in Christmas 2016. Fortunately I was able to migrate to the new sim card with no major problems. I waited till I got my ZeroLemon case for the LG V20 and then plugged in the nano card. I ended up calling a representative twice to get my sim card activated. The first representative said there was no option to do that on the website for prepaid plans. They said the card that T-Mobile had shipped me a few months still had a phone number assigned to it and they would change it to my current number and it would be activated within 2 hours of the call even without the new sim card being inside the phone. This wasn't entirely accurate because I still had Edge speed service about 6 hours when I checked later. I called representative 2 when I had finally put the nano card in the V20 with LemonZero extended battery case and the gentleman deactivated the first card which was a micro sim card. I knew it was deactivated since the data symbol for service went away and there was a sim error message saying T-Mobile network was not found. Then they told me reboot both phones. It worked. So thanks to the representatives.

                My speeds are incredible with this new fully compatible 4G LTE phone. I was able to get 2000+ Mbps just updating a single app on the Google Play store and all downloads and pages load instantaneously basically. Wow! Thanks for the help. Although I can't use the old Note 3 phone with data the phone is still good if I just have wifi internet so I don't plan on getting rid of either phones any time soon.

                Migrating my apps to the new phone was easy since I backed the apps onto a computer and had it do an automated installation from the phone to the computer with a program called MobileGo. And my contacts were already synced from Google within a few minutes. And I was able to keep the same plan and not have to pay more money monthly and have a newer faster phone service. I have also been getting full four bars consistently.


                I hope this post helps someone with similar issues. Thanks.