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    I used to pay 40 dollars a month for 3 GB of data but only used 200mb of it. That is a huge waste of money and the only downgrade available was the pay as you go option. I don't really make calls or text that often either so i figured it would work for me. I do need to use the internet from time to time for GPS, etc, so i figured i would just buy a data pass for a day or week when i need it. Let's say if somehow my phone gets lost or stolen: Could i add data passes to my phone from my desktop to use Find My Iphone?

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Data Passes

        There is a much better way to accomplish what you mentioned in your post.

        T-Mobile isn't the best way.

        Unfortunately I will not advertise for other carriers .

        Try another carrier for a low cost alternative.

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        • needle_bites

          Re: Data Passes

          According to this Prepaid plans  under  "Pay As You Go" plan, here's what you can get

          optional data passes:

          • 1-day 500 MB data pass for $5
          • 1-week 1 GB data pass for $10
            (this pass is good for 7 days)



          Yes you can add data pass from your desktop by logging-in to your T-Mobile online acct.

          • dragon1562

            Re: Data Passes

            Look at  Metroc PCs. It is t-mobile's prepaid option and they have plans that may better fit your needs. You could also go with project fi which charges you only for the amount of data that you use per month. Fi also uses T-mobiles network but requires you to have a Google phone like the nexus or pixel.