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    I used to pay 40 dollars a month for 3 GB of data but only used 200mb of it. That is a huge waste of money and the only downgrade available was the pay as you go option. I don't really make calls or text that often either so i figured it would work for me. I do need to use the internet from time to time for GPS, etc, so i figured i would just buy a data pass for a day or week when i need it. Let's say if somehow my phone gets lost or stolen: Could i add data passes to my phone from my desktop to use Find My Iphone?

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Data Passes

        There is a much better way to accomplish what you mentioned in your post.

        T-Mobile isn't the best way.

        Unfortunately I will not advertise for other carriers .

        Try another carrier for a low cost alternative.

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        • needle_bites

          Re: Data Passes

          According to this Pay in Advance (Prepaid) plans  under  "Pay As You Go" plan, here's what you can get

          optional data passes:

          • 1-day 500 MB data pass for $5
          • 1-week 1 GB data pass for $10
            (this pass is good for 7 days)



          Yes you can add data pass from your desktop by logging-in to your T-Mobile online acct.