Galaxy S7 bricked after T-Mobile's lovely firmware update


    Tonight, T-Mobile pushed a firmware update to my Galaxy S7. I am a engineer in the technology field so I have the knowledge to troubleshoot these types of things on my own. It's only Linux! After I spent over an hour dissecting the logs, it basically comes down to T-Mobile pushed out a crap firmware. Thank you T-Mobile!!!!


    This is how it went.

    - T-Mobile pushes out a firmware update. I initiate it and let it do it's thing while its plugged in.

    - About 10 minutes later I come back to the phone and it is stuck on the "T-Mobile" white screen. I figured it was still doing its thing so I went and watched some TV for 20 mins.

    - I check on it once again and its still stuck on the white boot up screen that says "T-Mobile". Except this time the phone is so hot you could burn a small child with it.


    My findings in the logs:

    - Thermal errors from the devices sensor that monitors the temperature of the battery. This happens when you see 100% of memory and CPU on the device being hammered because it's confused what to do. 

    - The FW bin file (dbmd4_va_fw.bin) does exist on the file system.

    - Here is the really helpful error message: "[dbmdx prob thr: 404] dbmdx codec soc:dbmdx: dbmdx_request_and_load_fw: faild to request VA firmware". It fails to load...and then I see a awesome variable a developer put in "error=continue". Even though it errors it goes on with the  update damaging the operating system even more to the point it is now crashed. (THANK YOU TMOBILE DEVS).

    - I can clearly see in the log where it loads the firmware but it gets a nasty the failure. Because the update continues to corrupt the OS, even more errors start to generate. Examples: android bug check crash key codes 172, android bug check crash key codes 114.


    Did T-Mobile QA this firmware before it was pushed out to their customers? If it was, it was done very POORLY!  Well it crashed my phone and I am pissed.The phone is out of warranty now. My options are take it into a T-Mobile store and have them load the firmware manually with the ODIN flasher/api tool. Call T-Mobile support and yell at them about their awful developers writing crappy android code. Or maybe the heck with T-Mobile's firmware and i'll just root it.



    Again Thank you T-Mobile. Really good work you do. Now Fix it!!

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