Digits Usage Pricing When Overseas


    I'm traveling to Europe in mid July. I'm not on a rate plan that gets me free international data so I'm planning on getting a foreign SIM to access 4G data. What's great about digits is that I can run the digits app over 4G data and have access to calls and texts on my primary T-Mobile number while on the foreign SIM.


    How does the usage pricing work though? Is it just basically treated as if I'm in the US? So, if I make a call using the digits app to a US number while in Europe, it's free, but if I make a digits call to a local number in Europe, it's just like I dialed that number from home and I pay whatever the international rate to that country is? Will incoming calls to my T-Mobile number answered via the digits app, either from a US number or from a European number incur any usage charges?


    Or is Digits treated as if my SIM was really in the phone and I'm going to pay for calls back to the US?

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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Digits Usage Pricing When Overseas

        You will be charged the call rate of Wifi Calling from abroad and if you are visiting simple choice country, then the rate will be Simple Choice via Wifi Calling rate. Please  search post by me where I explained the call rate.

          • lexluthor

            Re: Digits Usage Pricing When Overseas

            Even if I'm using digits over data?


            What about if i used WiFi calling? If I'm in Hungary and make a WiFi call to the US, I didn't think I'm charged at all for that. You are saying I am?


            What about SMS? If i use WiFi calling to text back and forth with a US number, but I'm in Hungary, I'm not billed for each SMS, right? Doesn't it work just as if i were in the US?  Why wouldn't digits over data work the exact same way since it's effectively the same thing to T-Mobile?

              • lexluthor

                Re: Digits Usage Pricing When Overseas

                I messaged @johnlegere on twitter the other day and whoever mans that address handed me off to someone who's "forte" is Digits. That person wasn't available, but someone in his group actually called me on the phone and I explained the question very clearly. This reply is not from a low-level customer service rep. The person understood my question and took a day to get back to me with an answer. I think we are going to have to assume it's correct. It also does match what a standard TForce rep told me via facebook the other day.


                I think T-Mobile missed out on a great opportunity to provide value to their customers without it costing them anything. Technically, I don't see how it matters to them if the data comes back to them via foreign hotel wifi or foreign 4G network. I suspect it may be some limitation in their billing system that forces them to bill it this way.


                Unfortunately, this is going to complicate things for my trip a bit. I can run a foreign 4G and make sure Digits is disabled when not on Wifi and then enable it for free calls/texts when on Wifi or I just don't even bother with the foreign SIM and just use Wifi calling when on Wifi and have no data, calling or texting when not on Wifi. I may bring a 2nd phone and dump a foreign SIM in that and just use that for navigating around the cities/looking up stuff as needed when out and about.



                I was able to get you some answers regarding using DIGITS when travelling abroad. When the app is in DATA mode and is on WiFi internationally, the call is treated as a WiFi call. So the same rules for WiFi calling apply in this scenario. You can find out more about how these calls are billed here https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1680 When app is in DATA mode and is on cellular internationally, the call is treated the same as any cellular call (even though it's technically only using data) When using a foreign SIM we can not guarantee there will not be any charges on the foreign carriers side and with us as there are so many variables to consider. I hope this answers your question but if you still need anything clarified, I am happy to help.

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