major problems with my LG phone


    A year or a couple of years ago I was in urgent need of a new phone so I went to the store and asked them for the cheapest one they had. They gave me the LG Leon. I saw them take this particular phone from the installation in the store, it did not come from a package but I did not care at the time because I needed a new phone and they promised it was new and did not give me a discount.


    As soon as I opened the phone, even though it was completely empty; it did not work for sh*t. I could not type more than a few letters before the keyboard got hung up and started writing a long a** line of wrong letters and all kinds of crazy symbols. Each time I wanted to write a txt message I had to write a few letters then copy those letters into the note pads, save it there, clear the cache or in 90% of the cases restard the phone, write a couple more letters until it was fu*ked again then copy the text again and save it, restart again and so on and so forth, until after about 30 min I finally successfully had written a text msg.


    But it was not only typing this phone could not achieve. It also could not call anyone. When I called people or they called me about 80% of the time there was no sound and as soon as they called 100% of the time the phone froze entirely so I was not able to close the call, try to put it on speaker or even turn off the phone. The phone overheated and I had to lie it down until the person on the other side hung up, and then I had to wait for a while before I could turn the phone off and restart it.


    These two problems came from day one, and as I got used to the phone I found all kinds of weird tricks to help these problems as much as possible so in those areas my phones performance has actually improved over time. One thing I learned worked was holding in the cache button and pressing speaker the second someone called me sometimes worked, so then I have to just stand on top of heroin needles behind bushes if someone calls me about a private matter when Im in public, because its always on speaker.


    But what soon came was the issue with storage. I dont know if it is only a problem with this phone but I have Clean Master on the phone, I clear the cache; I do all that and still literally the only things I have space enough for on my phone are like five photos and the instagram and whatsapp app. I dont have room for FB messenger, and I could only dream of being able to have room for word even if I cleaned the entire phone out.

    This makes zero sense because clearly the full space of the phone is more than 200 MB????


    I have an SD card in the phone but that is worth absolute nothing because guess what? The phone has never been able to be connected via USB for file transfer either. Except for the two first day I had it. Ever since that if I want to get a photo on my phone I have to upload it to dropbox on my computer, then go into dropbox on my phone, which is a challenge since I dont have the app there either, and download the photo onto my phone. The USB works for charging from the computer and I know how to do those settings to share data through the phone it just does not work.


    Another thing is, I cannot move anything from internal storage to the SD card while I am on the phone, and since the phone wont open on a computer the SD card is absolutely useless.


    I know it was a cheap phone, I know the camera is the worst in the world and it is not supposed to be advanced. But I know for a fact something is totally fu*ked with this phone in particular. Yes you will tell me to get a new one. But I appreciate it if you can just help me find some tips to be able to connect the phone to a computer and to do something about this imaginary lack of space this phone has.


    Thank you!

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      • You should've taking the phone back to the store in fact you shouldn't have even taken the phone knowing it did not come with the box and opened and all accessories.


        at this point with the phone being so old and being useless to you there's not much you can do unless you have insurance on and have it replaced. However the repairs are out of the question as they are cost prohibitive. The only thing you can really do is find a way to have the phone reflashed as you obviously have multiple internal operating system errors and faults.


        My opinion is that you need to go back to a store and purchase a phone that will do what you needed to do and make sure it's new when you walk out of the store activated and works properly.


        Depending on your budget and needs you don't necessarily have to get it from T-Mobile you can get an unlocked phone that will work on T-Mobile from Best Buy. Motorola makes a G5 that comes in under $250 or you could go to a T-Mobile store and spend less than $200 to get something else.


        if you don't need instant gratification you can get good used phones off line from third-party reseller sites or you can get direct from manufacture units that are unlocked. The only catch to buying outside of T-Mobile is having to pay the entire phone cost upfront. On T-Mobile you can make equipment installment payments.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: major problems with my LG phone

          Ouch techgenius89 ! This is a terrible phone experience and I'm really sorry this happened. This is definitely something software related. Are you using the phone with any 3rd party apps or just the standard ones? I'm curious if you've ever tested the phone in safe mode to see if the messaging app works properly. If it's still giving you grief, the last shot at fixing the phone would be completely resetting it. I'm really surprised the phone was sold to you like that. This certainly isn't normal and it's something we should have handled much earlier when this initially happened. Please let us know. Thanks.

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            Re: major problems with my LG phone

            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if we can still be of any assistance.

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              Re: major problems with my LG phone

              Hey there.


              Just stopping in again to see if you still need some help. Please let us know. Thanks.

              • str8ng3r

                Re: major problems with my LG phone

                Just going to say straight off, take your business elsewhere.


                T Mobile really did a number on me. I had a LG G4, went into the boot screen and just looped. Would never power up fully. Now you can't turn it on, though when the battery is low you get a message telling you to plug it in due to low power. I contacted T Mobile about this and they set me up with a exchange for $5. Well, I went into the location for the exchange the next day because it was shipped overnight. Guess what, that's right, no phone. Finally arrived 4 days later. Went in the store again, they would not exchange it. At first they said we can't exchange it because it doesn't power up. Why else would I need a new phone Sherlock. I told them I already spoke to someone online from T Mobile about it. The store now says the screen was cracked. I fix IPOD's and various stuff, the screen was not cracked. If it was, how was I able to see the plug in low power screen. When LCD's crack, they eventually turn black. This was not the case. I told them it was the IC chip in the G4's that go bad and explained, but they did not care about a word I said. After all, they are teenager experts in electronics! They don't know anything but how to follow rules put in place by T Mobile. I eventually told them thanks for the run around, now take me off the plan. They refused of course because of the whole main person on the account issue. I still told them take me off, but no dice. I then came back and got online with T Mobile and told them what happened. All they suggested was for me to go to another location when another phone is shipped. This is not acceptable, especially when you run a business from that phone. Then I asked, what's to say I don't get the run around again? Their reply, we will have you talk to the manager and we will put a note on it. So basically, I get to talk to another teenager or someone who pretty much doesn't know anything. And yes, I did say that. I told them either you have a phone to me tonight, or you risk losing my business and the rest of lines on that account, there are 6 lines on that account. It's unbelievable what they said after that. Brace yourself for this, she said I have to go for an hour then I will be back to wrap this up. Seriously, are you kidding me. I replied if you have to go then connect me to your manager or someone else to talk to in the mean time. She left me hanging. I waited for 15 minutes for any signs of life through the chat. So my last message was, since you left me hanging, if you want my business, then you find a way to contact me. I then left home went to Verizon, gave them my G4 and asked them to see what was wrong with it. They looked it over and all they could say was it doesn't power on and it is probably due to the IC chip. Eureka, at least I found one person who knew something. I swapped over to them and they yanked my number from T Mobile.


                I'm throwing this out there and anywhere I please, because T Mobile really messed up on customer service. Think about who works at these phone stores, teenagers or people in their 20's. I'm not just only talking about T Mobile, well mainly, but all others. They don't know crap. Do your research, don't rely on kids, and most of stay away from T Mobile. I will continue for as long as I feel like posting this where ever I feel like until T Mobile finds a way to contact me and make mends. I can give T Mobile the run around like they did to me. I lost business, so they lose business!

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                    Re: major problems with my LG phone

                    str8ng3r, definitely seems like there is a lot going on. We're so sorry you had to deal with the LG known issue, and that there were follow up issues. The bootloop has been a known issue and someone certainly should have been able to give you that information without any run around and there's not an excuse for that. We certainly owed you a better experience and or apologies for the inconvenience.




                    @techgenius89 I Hope You Get This problem Solved

                    • joe1994

                      Re: major problems with my LG phone

                      I moved to the LG G6 a few months ago and I have to say I have been highly disappointed with this device. I constantly have apps crashing. The phone started randomly rebooting. The first week I had this phone I was getting incredible battery life 8+hrs a day. I went almost 26 hrs between charges one time and that was even letting my kids play their games. Then the second week hit and I was getting 4-6 hrs. I finally did a factory reset which cleared up the problems for a few days now they are back,