Will my Galaxy S8+ use all of T-Mobiles Network specs?


    Forgive me as I post this as I am just learning the entirity of mobile networking, and how T-Mobile operates its network in general, but I purchased a Galaxy S8+ few days ago, and so far I have really enjoyed the phone. My only question so far has been whether the unlocked version of this phone (G995U1) is fully compatible with T-Mobile's network, getting all the bands and specs, including the 4x4 carrier aggregation, QA246, MIMO, and the 1GB speeds (if available in an area).


    I am concerned about this as I cannot find much information on whether if my device is enabled for these options, if they are not, how can I enable them? Or would I have to buy the T-Mobile varient of this phone to get my phone fully working with all of T-Mobile's specs?

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