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    I recently switched to Tmobile and lost my visual voice mail.  Whenever I get a voicemail, it sends the transcription as a text message and does not appear in my VVM tab in the phone application.


    Additionally, whenever i do click the VVM tab in my phone app, it dials into the voice mail.


    I have done the following:


    1. Called Tmobile to add VVM

    2. Spoke to TMobile help and tried to troubleshoot there

    3. Reset Network Settings

    4. Reset VM PW


    Can anyone help me get VVM back on my iPhone?

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      • You've done about all you can do. T-Mobile would have to set that up in their end with a network trouble ticket for engineers.


        Also. Reach out to Apple. VVM uses Apple servers. They can possibly help too.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: No Visual Voicemail - iphone 7+

          Hey cfarley27  were you able to get this resolved? We really wanna make sure your VVM issue gets squared away. Please let us know. Thanks!

          • tmo_chris

            Re: No Visual Voicemail - iphone 7+

            Hey cfarley27,


            I am glad we were able to figure out what the issue is but snn_555 is right, we can most definitely get this VM - Text feature removed from your account without changing your plan. We have many users on the TMO One plan that use iPhones and their VVM works perfectly fine. Please Contact Us again when you have a free moment so we can pull up your account and make the necessary changes.

              • csbowe22

                Re: No Visual Voicemail - iphone 7+

                Hey @tmo_chris, thanks for confirming that this is indeed possible!  I was beginning to suspect that T-Mobile simply did not support VVM on iPhone.   I'm in the same boat as cfarley27 where the support person I spoke with said that VM to Text was not able to be removed from my One plan. 


                What do you suggest I say to the next person I talk to in support so I can get this resolved? 

              • Also worth mentioning is that DIGITS does not play well with iPhone.  I had to remove DIGITS altogether before it was a freebie on ONE to get VVM to work on iPhone.  They say it has been added back, but I'll never mess with that disaster again now that I have VVM working again.

                • magenta2960905

                  Re: No Visual Voicemail - iphone 7+

                  I just switched from my old T-mobile plan to a ONE Plus plan and I've run into this same issue. VVM still works, but the unread notifications on iOS no longer appear and I get the text message transcriptions. I also get the T-mobile caller ID which prevents iOS call blocking apps like Hiya from working anymore.


                  I chatted 2 days ago to ask about removing the VVM / Caller ID features, as they interfered with iOS provided functionality. The support agent claimed they did so, but nothing changed. I just chatted again and was told the following:


                  With regards to your concern, I am afraid that the Named ID and Voicemail to Text features are bundled to the One Plus Data Plan as what it has been created. If you really like to remove it, you will need to remove the data plan.


                  So, is there an upper tier support number or something that can actually assist with this? I want the other features of One Plus, but it's not worth it if it forces me to keep these VVM / Caller ID features.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Re: No Visual Voicemail - iphone 7+

                    Hey, folks. Apologies that we let this thread slide without noticing the shift in context between the original reference to T-Mobile ONE and the mention of ONE Plus. Many thanks to magenta2960905 for pointing it out on a new post.
                    We wanted to return here and let anyone who is still wondering or happens on this thread going forward know that we are not able to split services off of the ONE Plus bundle -- our system provisions them as a set, and there isn't a way to break individual services out at this time. That said, we'll be forwarding this thread and the new one that referenced it on as feedback, so we appreciate the time everyone here took to provide their reasons for wanting a way to break the ONE Plus service down. Thank you so much, and again, we're sorry that this snuck under our radar!


                    - Marissa