Samsung Galaxy S8+ Reception Issues


    About two weeks ago I upgraded from a S7 Edge to S8+. Since the upgrade I have been experiencing bad phone reception. During a call I am experiencing times when voices sound robotic or completely unable to hear the person and it goes to dead air. Also, expeirencing calls dropping for no apparent reason. In looking at the reception on the phone when this occurs I have all bars so I have no idea what is occuring. I called T-Mobile and they told me there was a ticket for the area due to a network issue. After 3 days I called back and they have opened another ticket, but so far no resolution.


    I read online about some users unselecting Advanced LTE within the phone settings, but it was on a different carrier and I am not able to find this setting.


    Has anyone else had issues or and ideas on anything that I could do to fix the issue?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Reception Issues

        Ouch, randolphoralph! That's not exactly the experience anyone is looking for with a brand new device. Has anything improved for you, or are you still hearing garbled audio and dropping calls? When you contacted us the first time, was there a ticket already filed for your area, or did we file one after troubleshooting? Have you had a chance to check back in on the second ticket?


        - Marissa

          • randolphoralph

            Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Reception Issues

            I have been on the phone many times with Customer Care and tech support since we purchased the new phones on June 16 with no resolution. The latest 3rd their tech support was today and provided Ticket # 16640378, and asked to allow another 3 days. We have changed many various connection settings on the both Samsung Galaxy S8 + that are experiencing the issues. We have had signal repushed and network checked in addition to going to the local store and having SIM cards replaced. After looking online this appears to be a very common issue experienced by S8 + users across multiple carriers which leads me to believe it is an issue with the phones. We are paying for a service and phones that are not functioning. Hopefully this is resolved soon as our account is a business account and having calls disconnected on clients is not the way we like to run business.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Reception Issues

                Hey there! I totally understand where you are coming from! I just checked the ticket and can see that it is still assigned to the engineering team that is looking into it. I do see that on 7/5, we recommended turning off LTE and the dropped calls stopped. This is definitely not a permanent solution but it will serve as a workaround until we can resolve the primary issue. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in all of this.

            • magenta2170786

              I have exchanged my brand new s8+ after they first came out because of all the issues I was having, but even with my exchange and a new sim card it has resolved nothing. No one can hear me or understand me during a call it breaks up or I sound like a robot. Messages take a lifetime to send then say failed but the other party gets the messages... My note 5 was flawless other than the fact the battery wouldn't stay charged but the clarity and sending text were flawless. I was so excited to get this s8+ and invested a lot after I got it and it is by far the worst phone I ever owned and I want to get rid of it. For a phone so expensive it really has a lot of issues and when I goto my tmoblie store or call customer service they all act like I am nuts because "no one else has ever complained about the reception or message failing" but yet that is what im reading on a lot of blogs... so after my 139.00 down 50.00 for a glass screen that they put on and it fell off in a week, replaced with a roll on that's all bubbled up(they put on) and the 50.00 case, the phone has not given me the quality I paid for.  But no one can help me because I am the only person who has this issue. I am stuck because there is not another phone out there I even want, and I will lose everything I invested because I will not be keeping a phone I can not talk on or text on so I will have to purchase a phone I don't even want just so I can receive my calls and text!!  Over it!!!