AT&T entered the mexican market not too long ago and is expanding their LTE network in Mexico. Many of my friends there have AT&T Mexico and say that its good. Ive been having problems with Telcel and Movistar for a while now. Will T-mobile roam on their network? Will T-Mobile ever decide to have a roaming agreement with them? Im just asking to see so that i have more options when travelling.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Roaming

        It's partially because of AT&T's purchase of Iusacell that T-Mobile is able to offer "like home" roaming on AT&T's competitors in Mexico. It was the ability of customers of AT&T (Mexico) to roam like home on AT&T (US) that convinced Carlos Slim that he needed a better roaming relationship with someone in the USA. That someone turned out to be T-Mobile. I doubt that AT&T is in any big rush to help T-Mobile improve their roaming south of the border.  T-Mobile will probably just have to work out the problems with their existing roaming partners.

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