Using DIGITS with LineLink


    I used to use Google Voice to do things such as ring my cell phone and my land line at the same time.  Then we could (in theory) transfer calls as I was heading out the door from my land line to my cell phone so could continue my call.


    I like my landline mostly because cell phones and their headsets have gotten so horrible over time for long conversations.  Their speakerphones are subpar and lacking volume.  And finally when I get home after a day of using my cell phone, I'm at 18 percent so I'm at the point of "do I talk while sitting connected or do I risk that hour long call watching the phone get to 3% and hoping it holds out just a little bit longer before jumping to the corner.


    Anyway, I just got LineLink (the Tmobile home phone adapter) and it's been pretty good.  I'm going to say just as good as Vonage, but it's been dropping my calls to Mexico.  That being said, I'd like for it to work with Digits especially if I port my old Vonage number, I'd prefer it ring my cell phone, my wifes, and the LineLink number. 


    Any way of using the two (three) technologies together?  Google does it by authenticating the land line via a voice call rather than the app having to be installed on the device.



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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Using DIGITS with LineLink

        Hey, crosbymarks!


        Yes, I believe everything should work that way and ring on all three lines. debjitjdv is one of our power DIGITS users and super helpful around our Support Community. Can you confirm this will work? You'll also want to make sure you have the proper LineLink plan that is specifically for DIGITS.

          • debjitjdv

            Re: Using DIGITS with LineLink

            tmo_amanda  thanks for your kind words. I am happy to be helpful. Let me try to answer crosbymarks s question.


            crosbymarks Welcome to DIGITS and welcome to DIGITS community. So to answer your queries:


            To answer your first question, yes its is possible to make your scenario work albeit its a little bit complex in case of DIGITS. I shall break my answer into several sub parts to make it clear. Why in case of Google Voice its possible to simultaneously ring all three devices aka your cell phone (C1), your wife's cell phone (W1) and Vonage LandLine soon to become LineLink (V1) because Google Voice used to act as an external interface to any caller and then it would have broadcasted the call to three destinations. DIGITS is little bit different as it is associated with the number of the device or the destination number.


            Scenario 1: Port your Vonage number to LineLink (following the standrad port in procedure). First activate a LineLink with a temporary number and then once LineLink is active get your acct number and PIN number from Vonage and submit a port in request via calling 1-877-789-3106. Once Vonage number becomes alive, call DIGITS Tech support @1-844-889-5651 and ask them to upgrade your LineLink to DIGITS compatible LineLink TE (if you are on a Tax exclusive plan) or DIGITS compatible LineLink TI ( if you are in Tax inclusive plan) for free. After this is done, associate the ported in number with your T-Mo ID, install DIGITS app in C1 and W1 and login to DIGITS app using your T-Mo ID. Now whenever anyone calls to V1, all three C1, W1 and V1 will ring. Here the number that other people need to call is the number of V1


            Scenario2: You can use your wife's or your own cell number as the LineLink number as well. In this case, you need to get DATA with Paired DIGITS aka a DUPLICATE SIM card. This will cost you $10 per month. Once you have the DUPLICATE SIM card, you need to associate the DUPLICATE  SIM card with your number or your wife's number by visiting and then put that SIM card to LineLink. You may cancel original LineLink number. In this case destination number that people needs to call is either your number or your wife's number (depending with which the duplicate sim card is pared to). If you pair it with your number, your wife will need to install DIGITS app in her mobile but you do not need to install anything in your mobile and vice-versa.


            Scenario 3: This is the least possible likely case. If you and your wife is carrying a DUAL SIM phone, then each of you can get a DUPLICATE SIM card paired to your LineLink number. Here destination number will be again your LineLink number that people need to call. This scenario is the most costly one as well.


            I would prefer Scenario 1.


            Let me know if it answers all your queries.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Using DIGITS with LineLink

            I do hope you found the suggestions above helpful. Please come back and let us know how things are going. Thanks!