Bye Bye T-Mobile. I was happy until promise which I didn't ask for but was offered never materialized


    Back a week before thanks giving TMobile offered 2 free lines of service for life. I opted in for this promo. 1 line got the promo applied the other did not. This was ok since I was told it can take up to 2 months for credits to apply. Next month same thing.  I called in.  Lady assured me it will be fixed next month.  March same thing.  I called in they assured me again it will be resolved. (all months i call they credit my account.)  March they offer another line for free.  I opt in.  April 2 lines are free 3rd is charged.  I call in.  Told i cant have 3 lines for free and only 2.  I say OK cancel 3rd free line and give me 2 but im tired of calling in.  May 1 line free 1 line charged 1 line canceled.  File a complain with FCC and looking for provider.  Almost ready to switch.  Some lady from presidents office whatever that is calls me and assures me that she will fix it.  I wait till June and guess what? 1 line free 1 line charge.  Switched services last Friday.  Bye Bye


    account# if anyone cares to read all the comments from the calls.


    Had you guys not offered me anything for free which I didn't ask for I would still be a Tmobile customer.  Offering stuff then not doing it does not work.  All you do is upset your customers.



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