Why can't DIGITS be set up to ring a landline if it was actually ringing my landline?


    I had a very unique situation arise this week with DIGITS.   I currently have T-Mobile for my personal phone and I was using DIGITS on my AT&T work cell phone so that I only had to carry around one phone with me.  It was working super great.  Whenever someone called my T-Mobile phone it also rang on my AT&T cell phone.  However, this week I decided to cancel my AT&T wireless service and I ported that number to a landline. 


    Much to my surprise, DIGITS was now ringing my landline phone, I am sure it was because I had ported the number on which I was using DIGITS from AT&T wireless  to a landline.  At first I could not figure out what was happening.  It was annoying but also very convenient so I wanted to know how to activate or deactivate the service.  I called T-Mobile and they told me that this was happening because I ported my wireless number to a landline.


    I checked the disconnected cell phone which was on wifi and noticed that DIGITS was active.  I decided to log off just to see if my home phone would stop ringing.  It did.  So I tried to log back in again however the app told me that it was unable to verify my phone number and could not log me in.  I should have never logged out but I also did not want my home phone ringing all the time, just when I was at home. 


    So, obviously DIGITS is capable of ringing a landline phone or probably even a non-smart cell phone that does not have the DIGITS app on.  So if this technology is possible then why isn't there a way to go into DIGITS and manually enter a phone number where you would like your phone to ring?  It was great while it lasted.

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