digits voicemail notification


    I use the visual voicemail app.  I am seeing in the digits web version old voicemails not shown / not cleared, even though I have deleted them in the voicemail app.





    I also note that there is no way to delete VM's from the web application.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: digits voicemail notification

        Hi there jonpaterson.


        I'm checking on to see if you still need help. Are you getting voicemail messages at all? Does your visual voicemail show that you've gotten a notification when some one leaves you a voicemail? We wanna make sure we get this taken care of so please keep us posted.

          • jonpaterson

            Re: digits voicemail notification

            Hello - no the problem is not resolved.  The web digits client shows all the voicemails that have been received, although most have been deleted using the tmobile visual voicemail app.


            This should be easy to test.  Call number and leave VM(s).  Review in tmobile visual voicemail app for Android.  Delete some VM's.  Review VM list in Web digits version.


            Let me know if there are any other details required.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: digits voicemail notification

                I see what you mean when you go into the web app not having an option for deleting a VM. Have you also tried deleting the VM calling the voicemail box instead of using the app? I'd like to get more info as to if this is only happening with the VVM application. Please send a reply to the private message I sent you. I'll have this looked at on the back end for you.