Samsung Galaxy BOGO offer misleading


    I recently took part in the Samsung S8 BOGO offer.  I was assured from the store that I would have no problems with getting this offer.  I had an unlimited plan and all I had to do was add another line to the offer.  I had the store check as I was one day search EBay for a phone since my old phone was acting up.  The EBay offering stated that they were selling a Samsung S7 due to T-Mobile refusing to give them the BOGO offer.  I was concerned and the store assured me all would be fine.  I added a line got the two phones and found out a few days ago that it was not honored.

         The reason was stated that my plan didn't qualify for the BOGO.  Now they state in FAQ that each promotion has limitations but never LISTS any plans or offers.  I did the BOGO promotion and have to enter phone number, promotion code, and it has you apply for the offer and you have to agree to the terms which BTW you cannot see other then the GENERIC certain plans are not qualified.  Well it turns out my unlimited plan is excluded from the offer.  I have a grandfathered unlimited plan which the BOGO offer doesn't apply to.  It would be nice that one could find the information out easily before doing this offer.  Now I am trying to talk to T-Mobile but getting nowhere fast.  1)  Talked to a representative who said my plan doesn't cover this.  2) talked to a manager who didn't understand why my plan isn't covered as it is an unlimited plan but came back to me and said now that it is excluded (I have asked for the inclusive list but gotten NOWHERE).  3) Asked to talk to her manager and was suppose to get a call in 30mins, that was yesterday. 

         So I went to the store last night and they were as surprised as I was that it was excluded and were very apologetic, while that is nice it doesn't solve the problem.  They want to have me move from my current plan which is SimpleChoice (80 for 2 lines + 20 for another two = 100+20 tax=120 total) They want me to move to their new plan which is 180 without autopay and 160 (5 per line off) with autopay.  which is clearly 40 more per month.  They also said if I went with kickback which is if you use less then 2G per month they credit you 10 per month it would be the same 120 I have now.  First of all it offends me that I have to do autopay (although after I found out I could do a credit card for this I feel a little better about it) and second of all I believe this is bait and switch due to the fact that they aren't truthful up front on what plan you must be on to get this.  This is also conditional on me not using a lot of data which I really don't but still it insults me.  I want them to stand by what is right considering I have been a customer for over 10 years.  The store did offer to try to get some money off as well which they already did 100 for me (which I appreciate) but isn't close to 750 the phone costs.  They say if I don't change plans that they might be able to get me some more but maybe only 100 for a total of 200.  The store is waiting for the account manager to get back to them to see if they can do better.  I am being honest here T-Mobile about my experience, can't you be?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Samsung Galaxy BOGO offer misleading

        Hey, ccferret. This post is a huge bummer to read, and I'm so sorry you're in this situation.

        We offer a lot of great promotions, and we should be doing our due diligence to check for eligibility for them before we get you signed on, every single time. Based on what I know about the price of an S8, the BOGO definitely doesn't make sense if you have to complete a plan change that increases your bill by more than the value of the device over two years' time. I know our Simple Choice plans are grandfathered, so there may not be an option to add just the unlimited data features that would make these lines eligible, but is that an option we had the opportunity to address? Does at least one of the two lines that you upgraded already have an unlimited high speed data plan -- the new one, or the existing one? Have you received the call back you were waiting for?
        On a general level, I appreciate the feedback you're providing regarding being transparent about the promotion requirements. I understand that adding the caveat "qualifying service" in the fine print isn't the same as providing the detail that only unlimited lines with unlimited high speed data plans on Simple Choice or T-Mobile ONE are eligible. We're working on getting content up with a little more detail for customers, although I know that listing every qualifying data plan in the internal jargon we use to refer to them (which is by five-letter code that seriously won't make sense unless you undergo training!) is not likely, at least more information would be helpful. I will absolutely forward the feedback about this situation on to our internal team, not just because it seems like we could have done a better job of vetting your account here, but also because missing a commitment to follow up with a customer is not cool at all. I also understand that changes going forward don't solve the predicament you're in already. We want to make sure we're looking over any other options we have to make this right for you, too. Can I recommend our T-Force team? You can reach them on Twitter (@tmobilehelp) or Facebook (via FB Messenger), so that we can securely verify your account and take a look to make sure there are no other options for resolution here. Please let us know if there are any updates, and thank you so much for taking the time to post here.


        - Marissa