T mobile has been a nightmare


    Switched  from Verizon to TMobile and beginning to think it was a big mistake. Bought 2 new phones and gave my Verizon Note 4, on our TMobile plan to my daughter in NJ. Giving her a line gives me peace of mind... except she can't get a signal... anywhere! Call technical support, they tell me that there is a booster. But " the booster won't work if there is no wifi in the house"!  Yep, tech support said that. As my husband said... seems like we are going backward with T Mobile. We live in Florida. One end of the house gets a signal...20' away, nothing. I get wifi all over the house, but that doesn't help my signal. How is that cell service if you need boosters and wifi to get cellular coverage? May as well have a landline. Verizon worked great at my daughters and here. Signed up for all on one plan $35 a line...they charged me $50, and never added tha data plan!!!

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: T mobile has been a nightmare

        1. According to Verizon's web site, their version of the Note 4 has LTE bands 4 & 13. Of these, only band 4 is used by T-Mobile. Band 12 (700 MHz) is T-Mobile's band for broad coverage. Without it, your phone will still work but not as well as as if it had band 12.
        2. Some of the boosters don't need an Internet connection but they do need a signal at some point in the house. Other "boosters" are actually femto-cells and require a broadband Internet connection but not WiFi.
        3. Other than having an issue inside your home in Fla, are there any other coverage issues? Most of peninsula Fla is pretty well covered. Some issues in the SW and all bets are off in the panhandle. So, Florida's a big state with good coverage in some areas and not so good in others. Where are you located?
        4. What phones did you buy?
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        • brojesha1

          Re: T mobile has been a nightmare

          We bought the Samsung s8 plus. Good news is, daughter found one window at house that gets 2 bars. So maybe a booster may help?

            • techdragon

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              We ran into a similar issue with T-Mobile giving us spotty service in our home.  We ended up getting a free 4G LTE CellSpot device from T-Mobile and that cleared up our cellular signal issue.  We went from 2 bars to 5 bars -- today is our first day setting it up and we're happy with the results so far.


              To my knowledge, T-Mobile offers two solutions.  4G LTE Signal Booster and 4G LTE CellSpot.  The T-Mobile rep accidentally sent me the Signal Booster the first time around and the way that works is IF you get a GOOD cellular signal somewhere in your home, you can extend that cellular signal to where it's needed -- like a deadspot in the home where there's no signal.  That requires no internet.


              However, if you do not get a good cellular signal in your home AND you have a free LAN ethernet port on your modem or router, then you can use their 4G LTE CellSpot solution and that should give a much better cellular signal afterwards.


              If you want to read more about it, check here:


              4G LTE CellSpot



              4G LTE Signal Booster



              Hope that helps!


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              • drnewcomb2

                Re: T mobile has been a nightmare

                The one thing you have to be sure of with a booster is that your phone is compatible. For instance, if it boosts only LTE and your phone lacks VoLTE (Voice over LTE) then you won't get any voice service through the booster. I think in the case of the Note 4, the first thing you need to do is to see if the area has a band-12 signal. T-Mobile's 700 MHz licenses cover all of NJ, so it's likely that there's a signal that you are not able to use with that Note 4.


                The S8's are good phones which are fully compatible with all T-Mobile's current bands. Florida is also covered 100%  by 700 MHz licenses, altho there's a fairly small area in N. Fla (between Tallahassee and DeFuniak Springs) where use is blocked by a TV station for the next couple of years. My suggestion for your home situation is to use WiFi Calling. If you have a good WiFi router and good signal throughout the house, you can set the phone to WiFi preferred.  The LTE CellSpot has one advantage over WiFi Calling in that it can hand calls up to the LTE network. Last time I checked, with WIFi Calling if you walk out of WiFi range, the call just drops.


                If there are areas outside where you don't get signal, you can file a service complaint but don't expect the Ghost Busters to show up with lights flashing and sirens blaring.


                I really can't help you with your billing issue. I always suggest that people write letters under the terms of the Fair Credit Billing Act.

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              • tmo_chris

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                Looks like we have some great suggestions from the other members of the community. I wanted to check in here with you to see if you were able to get a booster from us and if you were able to get the answered you needed in regard to your bill?

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: T mobile has been a nightmare

                  Happy Monday, brojesha1! We just wanted to drop in here and see if you'd been able to use these suggestions to choose the right coverage solution! Are there any matters you still need assistance with? Please let us know if we can help!


                  - Marissa

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                    Re: T mobile has been a nightmare

                    Hey brojesha1,


                    It has been a few days since we last heard from you. How are things going?