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    Hi All,


    I was a t-mobile customer and bought Iphone through T-mobile. I paid off my emi last year-2016. Was trying to unlock for last year and it doesnt seem to happen for last 1 year.


    My T-mobile phone number was (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and there was iphone device(6 plus) replacement happened in Mar-2016.


    Latest update on Unlock:- T-mobile support tried to unlock the iphone but its not happening and am not able to use other sim card from different Carrier provider. When i put a sim card its showing "sim card supported"


    Recently last week i contacted T-mobile support, and latest update am hearing they cant unlock it due to technical issue. Its looks surprising and a customer i dont know why T-mobile cant unlock a device purchase through them..


    I contact Apple team and they confirmed that in their records its still showing as phone is locked by T-mobile.


    Am planning to move out of USA and i dont know what should i do this device which is locked by T-mobile eventhough emi is paid off?


    Can anyone help? I can share my IMEI numbers if someone can help me.


    My contact number is xxx-xxx-xxxx



    Manikkalal Subramaniam


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