Last year I bought the iPhone 7 plus under the promo of the trade in offer. Basically the offer says you can trade in an iphone 6 and possibly get the iphone 7 for free or pay the upfront cost to get a more expensive model iphone 7.I placed the order on the phone with the sales representative and was repeatedly told that I get the promotion covered.

    I mailed my old iPhone 6 back immediately and was told by customer service to use the label that came with the package.


    I NEVER received any credits for my iPhone 6 and any notification that my iPhone 6 was received by anyone. I've seen a monthly charge like non of the promotions happened. Now Tmobile claims that the offer ended before I placed the order and is willing to cover $100 for me, which is totally a joke considering my trade in was supposed to worth $660 under the promo.


    I see I am not the only customer having this trouble about their false promotions.


    Anyone got an answer from Tmobile for your trouble?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, magenta2011142!


        Wow, I'm sorry this has been such a headache for you. It's always our goal for the promotions to run as smooth as possible. In your case, you're missing out on $560 which is a lot. I really want to help get you answers and hopefully get this situation cleared up. Can you share with me the date that you purchased your iPhone 7? I want to be sure I'm referencing the correct promo as there are a handful of iPhone promos that were run last year.

          • magenta2011142

            Re: iPhone 7 Plus Trade in Promotion Scam

            Hey Amanda,


            Thanks for taking time to read my post and respond to me.


            I've been spent hours on multiple phone calls with customer services last month trying to solve the issue.

            Last time I had the phone call, the representative was supposed to send me an email to let me provide more information to this case. She wanted me to send in the IMEI number of the iPhone 6 I traded in. But I never received anything from her about how I can send in that information.


            I am wondering what's the next step to me and if you have any access to the records of my conversation with Customer service representatives.



          • tmo_chris

            Re: iPhone 7 Plus Trade in Promotion Scam

            Just checking in here. Did you get a chance to read over tmo_amanda's reply?

            • tmo_mike_c

              Hi there!


              Please let us know if you've had the chance to take a look at the reply above. Keep us posted on this so we can help. Thanks!

              • rvenn

                Re: iPhone 7 Plus Trade in Promotion Scam

                I'm have a similar issue.

                we payed off our iPhone 6 $100 to turn it in to get the free iPhone 7 on sep 9 2016. The first day of promotion.

                did not have to change to new plan because people from sep 9 to sep 14 do not have too. was told I phone 7 would be free 5 times. Did not want to turn perfectly good iphone 6 in to purchase new phone. 8 months later I noticed I have been paying for the iPhone 7. $28 a month Hidden under my sons phone on bill. Been working with customer service and store manager to no avail. So my iPhone 6 was stolen by T-Mobile because they won't return it, and I'm paying for an iPhone 7 I did not want to pay for.