Talk & Text line not showing up in app.


    Signed in to Macbook app with T-Mobile ID (not my phone #) and my new Talk & Text line shows up. I can make and receive calls, sms sent from the T&T number work normally, but sms sent too the T&T number do not arrive.


    Signed in to iPhone, iPad, and Android Digits app using T-Mobile ID (not my phone #), T&T number does not show up on any of the handheld devices. Signed out all devices, shutdown all devices, restart all devices, login all devices using T-Mobile ID (not phone #), no help; still no T&T line.


    Two issues:

    1) No T&T line showing up in any mobile app, but does show up in Macbook app.


    2) I can send sms from Macbook app, but not receive.

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