Galaxy S8 Unlocked (Offical US) - Video Call


    Hello -

    Just received Galaxy S8 - Unlocked (purchased from Samsung US site) and I'm using T-Mobile SIM. When making calls, I see there is a option of Video Call but that's grayed out / disabled. If I use same SIM in a T-Mobile device, then that option shows up.

    How and when is this suppose to work? Do I need additional setup or setting to enable this option on S8 (unlocked).


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Galaxy S8 Unlocked (Offical US) - Video Call

        Sorry to hear you're having trouble rexcali.


        There's really no magic behind video calling. You'll need to make sure you have the right APN settings, have a solid Wi-Fi or VoLTE connection, and be calling a device that has the same capabilities. Since it's working on a T-Mobile device, it may be something not allowing the unlocked device to work. We do welcome folks that wanna use unlocked phones, however, we just can't guarantee all of the services we offer will work on them.