My Galaxy Note 4 has been running perfectly fine for over 2 years on T-Mobile until the recent Marshmallow update that got pushed to my phone 2 weeks ago. Like other users on this forum, I ran into the dreaded "Downloading... Do Not Turn Off Target" screen of death, among other performance issues when I managed to get the phone to turn on. I have done the cache cleanse, a factory reset, but the phone is still having problems. Just took it to the main Samsung store in New York (Samsung 837), and an onsite technician ran a diagnostic on my battery - no issues. However, the phone won't even turn on now, not even with the apparatus that lets technicians force the phone open without a battery.


    Any advice? The recovery boot isn't working (vol up + home + power), and I've run out of ideas. Seems ridiculous that a forced OS update killed my phone. Thanks in advance.




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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, Vincent!


        I see that you're new to our T-Mobile Support Community, welcome!


        I haven't seen many reports of the Note 4 essentially being useless after the latest software update. From the sounds of it, you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps that we would've recommended along with Tech Support. At this point, you're likely looking at a warranty exchange. Do you know if your Note 4 is still under warranty or extended warranty? If so, you can Contact Us to set-up a device exchange.