Note 4 died after T-Mobile Marshmallow update?

    My Galaxy Note 4 has been running perfectly fine for over 2 years on T-Mobile until the recent Marshmallow update that got pushed to my phone 2 weeks ago. Like other users on this forum, I ran into the dreaded "Downloading... Do Not Turn Off Target" screen of death, among other performance issues when I managed to get the phone to turn on. I have done the cache cleanse, a factory reset, but the phone is still having problems. Just took it to the main Samsung store in New York (Samsung 837), and an onsite technician ran a diagnostic on my battery - no issues. However, the phone won't even turn on now, not even with the apparatus that lets technicians force the phone open without a battery.


    Any advice? The recovery boot isn't working (vol up + home + power), and I've run out of ideas. Seems ridiculous that a forced OS update killed my phone. Thanks in advance.




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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, Vincent!


        I see that you're new to our T-Mobile Support Community, welcome!


        I haven't seen many reports of the Note 4 essentially being useless after the latest software update. From the sounds of it, you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps that we would've recommended along with Tech Support. At this point, you're likely looking at a warranty exchange. Do you know if your Note 4 is still under warranty or extended warranty? If so, you can Contact Us to set-up a device exchange.

          • 6466451511

            Same thing happened to my Note 4. Exactly the same thing and about the same time. Mine died at the beginning of May. The update absolutely killed the otherwise perfectly functioning phone and I had to shell out $500 on a new device. Oh, and someone went into my account two or three days before that and randomly cancelled my warranty insurance which meant that I could NOT get a replacement Note 4. So, thanks, T-Mobile.

          • magenta2336809

            I had the same issue and none of the trouble shooting suggestions worked.  Here's how I resolved it. Go to the app store and download  an app by the name of Wake Lock. When you open the app, select the Partial_Wake_Lock. This might drain your battery a little but the phone will function normally. If you have to restart your phone by any chance, make sure the app is functioning.

            • orodrig23

              Keep in mind the Note 4 may be one of the impacted device models for the U1900 network upgrades. If your device is impacted you may experience 2G/EDGE speeds and never see higher data speeds due to these upgrades. I hope you are not one of those impacted customers, but this is just a heads up of the possibility.

              • k-lynne

                Vincent I've been experiencing the EXACT SAME problem! Soooo frustrating considering I just finally paid off the phone. Glad to know I'm not alone - I joke that I repel technology and was beginning to think it was actually true!


                Thanks Amanda for your suggestion of checking the warranty!

                • magenta2730628

                  My Note 4 also started freezing and was randomly re-starting.  I googled the problem and came across the wakelock app suggestion.  It helped for 1 week and then t-mobile sent the suggested re-start.  This resulted in the "Downloading... Do Not Turn Off Target" screen of death.  I called for support and they said the app was a trojan and I had no choice but to do a factory re-set.  Had to the the reboot with the power-volume up-home button.  Finally got my phone working.  That was Saturday.  2 nights later the phone went blank.  It will not re-start at all.  Very frustrated.  Now WHAT?

                  • adelara

                    Heck, I have the same or similar issues. Funny how the same exact thing happened when I had my Note-3: after an update it died, almost literally. Now with my Note-4, I also finished paying it off less than 6 months ago and I was loving it until the July update when the phone became sluggish, locking, freezing, rebooting, etc.

                    I went through great lengths researching and doing things such as removing SD card, reformatting the card, running without the SD card, resetting/wipping caches, factory reset and finally, reinstalling with Kies.

                    Also running in Safe Mode - fails miserably: it reboots shorthly.

                    A new battery was installed, no joy ... it lasts longer, meaning it can reboot more with the same charge.

                    And lastly, it won't check for updates no more: it says "registering device - processing failed"


                    For you folks that can't turn it on again, try this: press and hold volume up AND volume down AND home key, and then power key. This forces the darn thing to reboot.

                      • adelara

                        Re: Note 4 died after T-Mobile Marshmallow update?

                        I'm replying to myself here but should be useful for someone... after several more firmware re-flash, it seems to have stabilized but I have to stay on the default lame Touch Wiz launcher  as any other launcher seems to bog it down.


                        Even my new favorite, Evie launcher seems not happy with the last MM update :-(


                        And I also made sure all apps I have are "recently updated" ie, no apps older than 6 months (and 6 mos. a stretch).

                      • alliej96

                        This happened to me too.  After MM update, phone started going down hill.   They had to warranty a replacement on my phone about a month or 2 ago.  I just now am having a new issue on my new Note 4 with charges. 

                          • adelara

                            Re: Note 4 died after T-Mobile Marshmallow update?

                            If yours is still under warranty, you are in lukcy.. maybe t-mobile could take yours as a hefty down payment and upgrade to a newer device... just thinking but I probably will not get Samsung ever again - oh yes, also my sister in law had lots of problems with Samsung - solved with an LG Nexus 5, she's happy.

                              • alliej96

                                Yes,  They did warranty me phone and replaced with a new or refurbished Note 4.   I was letting OP know.   I am going for my 2nd warranty on my Note 4 for an unrelated MM update issue.   I will only use a Samsung phone as all others have failed me in the past for various reasons within months.  Samsung's however usually never give me a problem until the 2 yr mark (outside of the MM update), and we all know why that is and is the reason why I keep paying for insurance.      (My youngest child is still using my S4!)

                            • kanehi

                              After the update the phone would boot/reboot randomly.  When it did reboot then it would say updating firmware, reboots then it would say failed reboot.  After turning it on and off it would work then it would reboot itself randomly.  Now it won't even turn on at all.  This is a bit frustrating especially when it was working well before the updates.  I have a feeling the Note 4 was affected with the Note 7 debacle where Samsung wanted to brick it.