Note 4 died after T-Mobile Marshmallow update?

    My Galaxy Note 4 has been running perfectly fine for over 2 years on T-Mobile until the recent Marshmallow update that got pushed to my phone 2 weeks ago. Like other users on this forum, I ran into the dreaded "Downloading... Do Not Turn Off Target" screen of death, among other performance issues when I managed to get the phone to turn on. I have done the cache cleanse, a factory reset, but the phone is still having problems. Just took it to the main Samsung store in New York (Samsung 837), and an onsite technician ran a diagnostic on my battery - no issues. However, the phone won't even turn on now, not even with the apparatus that lets technicians force the phone open without a battery.


    Any advice? The recovery boot isn't working (vol up + home + power), and I've run out of ideas. Seems ridiculous that a forced OS update killed my phone. Thanks in advance.




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