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    I am writing this in hopes that someone can assist me, because customer service couldn't.



    Lately, I have been having my service cut off before my usual due date. This kept happening for the last three months. Two days ago, I went online and I noticed I was charged $20 restoration fee for my 8 lines for the last three month. That's $480 in total. My bill is now $1,790! When I called and asked if I could have that credited back to me, the associate said T-Mobile can only credit back $80. This is very disappointing. I would like a full credit for this amount as it was clearly a glitch/miscommunication on T-Mobile's part. Every one of my statements were due on the 23rd of each month, and the system kept instructing my service on the 19 or 20th. I had my account with you guys for over 10 years now, with 8 lines active.



    I feel that T-Mobile is spending so much acquiring new customers, that you guys are failing to take care of the ones that were  here from the start.



    If this is not taken care of, my only option would be to pay the full balance , transfer service for my 8 lines, and cut ties with T-Mobile.






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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Restoration Fees

        Oh my mosman, I really hope we were able to able to get this taken care of so you don't have to cut ties with us. Normally you'll get messages that your bill is due before the service would just shut off on you. When you called customer service, did they double check the due date on your account and compare it to your bill? I do understand you've called before, but this is super important and deserves another look. You should Contact Us and have us revisit this for you. Thanks.

          • mosman

            Re: Restoration Fees

            Sadly Mike, I have written an email and no one has gotten back to me. I'm just overwhelmed at work at the moment and I haven't had the chance to call in, or look into switching providers. I am hoping to take care of all of this this weekend, but for now, the issue is still unresolved.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Restoration Fees

                Aw man, that's rough, but I do hope you're able to get in touch with us when you have time so we can get another shot at sorting this out. Writing a letter is totally fine, but i'm thinking you'll get faster results working with someone directly through the link I posted earlier. Please keep us updated.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Restoration Fees

                  Hey there, mosman! We just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had enough of a lull with work to contact our Care team or if you'd heard back from the email you sent. Hope everything's going well!


                  - Marissa

                  • 678-907-6407

                    Re: Restoration Fees

                    Good Evening,


                    Have you had any luck? I am actually going through the same thing right now. I was charged $140 for restoring my services for 7 lines that were never disconnected. When I called they wanted to "Credit" me only $60. Now this morning I wake up and my phone was working and when I log in they are wanting to charge me another $140 to restore my services again but I had already made a payment arrangement and I haven't received any of the text that tells you that your bill is due because my bill isn't due to the 17th of the month, or the one they say make a payment to avoid the 20 restoral fee. I am honestly very disappointed in TMobile and I am looking to switch companies ASAP.


                    Hope you can get your issue resolved soon.