DIGITS and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


    Hoping someone could offer suggestions or point me in the correct direction. I spent over 4 hours yesterday on the phone with customer service, spoke to about 9 different people and here I am with no answers. I am trying to set up DIGITS on the Samsung Gear S3 frountier. No one with Tmobile seems to know how to do this. I was told to set up the auto forwarding in the gear settings however that only works if it is connected via Bluetooth. CAN THE DIGITS BE SET UP TO WORK WITH THE GEAR S3 FROUNTIER? If so how is it done? When I try to do it myself the line is not listed. HELP!!


    Thanks in advance!!!


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      • shannonmd

        Re: DIGITS and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

        Another hour wasted and still noone knows how to do this SMH

        • magenta6063968ok

          I'd like to add to this and see if anyone can help. I bought a galaxy watch yesterday with a data with digits line where i can use my primary line on my watch. My phone is an LG V20.


          However, LTE would not activate on the watch and I do not have ICCID # present. Hours with Tmo support and T-Force and I'm being told the galaxy watch LTE will only go live once paired with a Galaxy phone and that my LG V20 is not compatible. I have not read anywhere about this limitation and wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I can't be the only one trying to use the new watch with a non-Samsung phone. Why even sell me the watch if there was a limitation?


          End result was to remove the digits line since it does not work anyways but i'm still trying to find ways to figure out why the data with digits will not activate the lTE on my watch. I hear NumberSync on AT&T works pretty well.

            • debjitjdv

              Re: DIGITS and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier



              Galaxy Watch is compatible with all Android Phones running Android 5.0+. There are some specific features like Samsung Pay etc that wont work without a Galaxy phone. LTE should work. You need to do the following.


              1. Get a DATA with PAIRED DIGITS line.
              2. Pair it with your primary line via DIGITS portal https://mydigits.t-mobile.com/consumer/#/login
              3. Look for eSIM ICCID on the box watch. It should start with 89 and should be 19 digits long possibly ending with an F.
              4. Ask T-Mo T-Force Twitter support to do a SIM swap. Replace the existing SIM ICCID of the DATA with PAIRED DIGITS with eSIM ICCID.
              5. Once that is confirmed, install Samsung Wearable app from Play Store. Switch on Phone Bluetooth.
              6. Boot your Galaxy Watch and switch on Bluetooth. Pair with your phone and set it up. Once setup completes, switch off Bluetooth on your Galaxy Watch. After 30 seconds you should be able to see 4G LTE and HD Voice logo on the screen.
              7. Remember the moment you connect your watch to your phone via Bluetooth, you will loss LTE connectivity in the watch.


              This should work if you follow the above steps meticulously. Please keep me posted and tag me.

                • magenta6063968ok

                  I'm sure the steps you listed will work. What i did was borrow a friend's samsung phone and replaced his sim with mine. Re-registered the watch to his phone and once that was complete, paired the watch with my phone and LTE became active.


                  For some reason the network would not be seen when initially pairing with my LG V20. However, pairing with a Samsung Galaxy phone did the trick for me. The only caveat is that after you put the sim back in to your phone your watch will ask you to pair which will cause it to 'restore.' Don't be afraid of this because the network has already caught on and it won't lose those settings when it tried to pair back up with your phone.


                  All i would ask is that this information is passes to all support reps because not a single person at Tmobile (no matter the support level) was able to help me. Pretty much, we're trying to help ourselves and having to figure it out. As great as support is, I was told it wouldn't work and that i was out of luck.


                  Thanks for the help. @debjitjdv