Horrible Customer Service!!!!


    Been a Tmobile customer since November 2016 and have not once been able to view my bill through the MyTmobile website or mobile app.

    Instead I've had to waste numerous hours with their customer service and tech teams, get various conflicting answers, and basically forced to trust blindly the charges on my account.

    To further detail - I've been enrolled in the Tmobile One plan for four lines which should be easy enough at a $160 per month flat fee correct? Wrong! Every month I get a text from Tmobile letting me know $X is due on my account and that $X is never $160... so like a vicious cycle I have to call Tmobile explain the problem all over to them, they always walk me through the same troubleshooting process (though I keep repeating I've already tried logging in and out, different internet browsers, clearing cookies, even restarting my computer/phone and nothing works -- but ok they want me to try again so I try again), once they realize there is actually a problem (wow shocker!) they say a ticket with the tech team will be issued, and nothing else can be done apparently..

    A couple of months I've been lucky enough to get helpful reps who volunteer to email me the bill and adjust the amount to the correct $160 (because apparently I always have some 'incorrect charges' on the account that no one notices until I call). But other months I get useless folks who say it is against their policy to email me the bill (so how the heck did the others email???) and I should just wait or call back for a credit (which again I can't see because I can't get to the bill!!!!)

    Today was the worst though - got a text saying my bill for this month is at 181.70 so I begin my call to Tmobile. First rep says it's an overcharge that will be adjusted down by $20 (5/per line) 2 days before my billing date because I have auto pay on the account. Ok.. that's never happened in the 8 months I've been a customer but ok... so 181.70-20=161.70, we're getting closer but not quite at that flat 160 right? Can you explain the 1.70? Rep says no and that I just have to wait until the billing date to see the adjustment.. Can I get a copy of the bill to at least see this adjustment? Nope once again I'm told another tech team ticket will be opened so just sit tight and wait.... Tired of waiting for 8 months with no resolution I ask to speak to a manager which at first I am told is not possible as she is on another call and I should just again wait to see the adjustment and/or wait for a call back from this same clueless rep. I insist I need a resolution today and finally I get put through to a manager.

    Now speaking to the manager she goes over some charges she says have been made on my account and ONCE AGAIN asks me to view the charges online. Does anyone understand I CANNOT SEE ANYTHING THROUGH THE SITE!!! So she talks me through the bill which surprise, surprise she says there is no adjustment to be made: my bill is 160 flat (already including the auto pay) plus those charges (WHICH I CANNOT SEE!). (As a side note she did finally agree to email me the bill within 24 hours so crossing my fingers at least I might hopefully be able to see something this month).

    I point out to this manager the problem here is that if I had trusted the first rep here I would be waiting idly for an adjustment that she is completely contradicting!! To which she responds 'yes I apologize for the confusion but that's why I took over the call and sent you the bill since you insisted to see the charges before paying'. Ummm am I the only one that sees how wrong that answer is????? First of all you did not take over any call, I had to ask repeatedly to speak with you!!! Second, yes I want to see what I am paying for before paying!!!! Would you go to a restaurant order your usual for $20 and then blindly pay $50 when the bill comes??? There is such a concept as a receipt!!!! AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH??? Plus these two reps are on the same team how can they give such different answers??? So to conclude I ask the manager where can I make a formal compliant on their customer service to which she suggests I visit a store... so really now I have to dedicate even more time from my day to get no where???

    (I have these rep's names and ID numbers in case this ever gets anywhere...)



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Horrible Customer Service!!!!

        I totally agree that you didn't get best customer service magenta1976057. Stories like these always bum me out, but I'm still glad you chose to come here and tell us how we can do better. I'd like to see what other ways we can get this handled for you. I sent you a private message you can get to by clicking here. I'd like to work with you on this and hopefully shine some light on what's happening with your charges, your login troubles, and I'll forward this experience to my internal teams so they have feedback on what you've experienced. I do wanna make sure you get help you need and my apologies for all the hassle you've been through.

        • magenta1976057

          Re: Horrible Customer Service!!!!

          four days later still waiting to see my bill or get assistance....