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Note5 & S6E "losing network connection" after Nougat Update


    We were recently (a couple months ago) upgraded to Nougat. Instantly - both phones began "losing" network. We've had our phones over a year and been at the same residence - we've ALWAYS had great coverage (4GLTE with NO issues). Now, day to day, we are "dropping" the network from 5-50 times. We can often pick the network back up by either a restart, toggling airplane mode, or manually "searching" for a network. But it is always a temporary fix. I have dropped important calls, cannot stream as I used to, and am overall just frustrated.


    Two weeks ago, I called T-Mobile Tech Support. She had me do a factory reset. It didn't fix the problem at all, and may now even be worse.


    What the heck can we do? This is ridiculous and I am currently a very unhappy T-Mobile customer where I used to be thrilled with their service and bragged about them constantly. Right now, I wouldn't recommend them at all.

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