LG G5 All kinds of problems since H83020i update


    My phone updated to H83020i a few weeks ago, and since then, it's basically only usable as a phone, for calling people. That's it.




    • Notifications don't show up for hours, for all of my apps.
    • When notifications do show up, I get the same ones over and over again for several days.
    • Notifications don't respond to taps. I can bring the shade down but when I tap the notification, it does not open the app.
    • SMS messages don't show up right away. The amount of time it takes for them to show up varies.
    • Sent SMS messages don't send right way. The amount of time it takes for them to actually send varies.
    • Apps hang at 100% downloaded when installing, it takes as long as 20 minutes for them to finish downloading and installing.
    • Sometimes I can add icons to the home screen, sometimes not. Usually not.
    • Icons show the little notification bubbles when there are no notifications, and they take hours to clear.


    Things I've done to try to fix this:

    • Factory reset. Twice.
    • Battery pull.
    • Clear cache and reboot.


    The only thing that limps the phone along is to clear "Cached Data" and then reboot. After that, things may or may not work for about an hour. Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little less. Sometimes it doesn't help at all.


    I'm not the only one to have this problem. There is a reddit thread with other people reporting the exact same issues.


    Has anyone here dealt with this, or have any other ideas?

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