My bill says I'm paying for the tmobile jump with protection and upgrades, but they cannot find it?


    To make this short I've been enrolled and used the jump program since it 2013,and it was easy enough. I split my line from the initial account holder 4 months ago and was assured I had my previous jump plan that would allow upgrades, my bill even states that I have that program and I took a screen shot to prove that fact. Now when I called customer care to upgrade from my 100% paid off phone the man told me that I only have insurance, I explained my bill and description of service said otherwise and I was told when I moved to my own plan that it included the upgrade feature. I've checked that I didn't have the jump on demand, and I've looked in all possible areas that would prove otherwise, but I'm immensely frustrated by either this error or misinformation that was given to me. Then man I spoke to wouldn't give me any information. Is there any thing that would help me see what's missing on either end, why my bill would state in the description that I have upgrades but not be able to? I have met all the criteria for the upgrade but I can't do anything aside from pay a massive deposit and not use my jump. Any suggestions or incite?

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      • stevetjr

        For one JUMP really wouldn't do anything for you with a phone that is paid off 100% anyway (other than of course insure it which was included with JUMP 1 &2) because all JUMP did was pay off the remainder of your existing EIP so that you could then sign up for a new one.  Example, I had a Galaxy S7 Edge and just JUMP'd to the GS8 when it launched.  I still owed $460 dollars on the GS7e and even though used/trade was only worth a couple of hundred and some change the JUMP covered the difference to complete the EIP.  JUMP 2 was a little different in that you had to pay off 50% before you could JUMP where as with JUMP 1 like I have I could JUMP whenever (up to 2 in a rolling 12 months) so again for example I used to JUMP every 6 months or so which meant that I had only paid 25% of the EIP.  Essentially JUMP is like "gap insurance".   Now even with JUMP if your credit required a deposit, that didn't change with JUMP so even if you had JUMP, had the previous EIP paid off whatever your deposit your credit dictated was the deposit you had to pay even with JUMP.  You also have to pay the sales tax with each JUMP.