360 camera not connecting to Tmobile Locked iPhone 6s


    I have bought a Samsung Gear 360 camera 2017. I have downloaded iOS 360 manager from iTunes.

    But i am unable to connect to app and camera, coz application stack in the splash screen.

    Then I make turn on the Flight Mode, it was working fine.

    Even though I make the cellular Off, it was working fine.

    But if make the cellular ON, then it was not connecting. So i have searched in the internet and got manually plot the DNS and now it was working.


    Actually My concern is camera is creating hotspot in iPv4 and T-Mobile Locked iPhone 6s will connect to that hotspot.

    will Tmobile cellular ON phone connect to iPv4 hotspot created by camera?

    isthis is the reason why camera is not connecting to iPhone?


    Please help me to know the root cause.

    Thanks in advance.

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