Okay so I went in to the store to buy a v20 for one of my lines in April 2017. They were having a promotion because I believe the G6 was just released so ANY LG PHONE purchase you get a FREE LG TABLET. I paid for the phone and tablet and I was suppose to register it online. I did all that the same day I got home and got an email saying that it was under review. I randomly checked it this month and it shows that it has been denied. Being that it takes 8 weeks to get the rebate I was very irritated and upset now. I reapplied for it AGAIN and this time it was saying it was denied because the line already claimed a rebate...I want to know who I would have to speak with or if going back to the store with ALL the paperwork I originally received would help me get my money back? This is really ridiculous that I have to keep bugging them about a rebate. I didn't really need that tablet but the fact that it was a "FREE" tablet I mean why not...So has anyone gotten a rebate for this promo? Please let me know if there is still hope.

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