Texting during modernization


    Will I experience delayed text messages and delayed call activities due to modernization delayed?

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      • carnegiej

        Re: Texting during modernization

        Hi magenta1946306,


        There may be cell signal congestion in your area that results in delayed call activities. From my personal experience in many cases, modernizing my mobile equipment helped me to "rise above" a signal  congestion issue to reap the benefits of the faster modern cell standards. For example, LTE with VoLTE helps to do multiple call activities at once with good responsiveness.


        What is your zip code? The moderators on this discussion board are good at reviewing the service coverage and providing feedback per zip code.


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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Texting during modernization

          Hey there magenta1946306 !


          That's a good question. When we're modernizing, you can have some service hiccups until the modernization is done. It shouldn't go on for a super long time, but sometimes it can take bit longer than other areas. As carnegiej so kindly mentioned, we can check our your zip and see what services up dates we can give you. Please let us know how things are going and if you still need help.