Familywhere issues


    Up until last week I was able to locate my 5 family members (including myself) using this service. Now all 5 lines give are unable to show me the map location. Each line gives me the message "family member was located, but the address could not be determined"  Please help.  I have tried calling customer support with no results.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Familywhere issues

        Welcome! Sorry we're meeting under these circumstances -- we definitely want to get Family Where working for you. Can I ask what you see when you try to locate your lines? Does it show them (bear with me, I know this is going to sound bonkers) as located in the ocean?
        It looks like our support teams are trending an emerging issue with location trouble and we do need tickets filed with examples. I'm sorry we weren't able to help when you contacted us previously. We've got a basic troubleshooting page here: T-Mobile FamilyWhere customer support, but if your issue is part of the one we're working on, we'd definitely like to have a ticket filed. We don't have account access in this public user forum, but since you're already online, would you be able to reach out to our T-Force team? They're our customer support channel on Twitter and Facebook, and if you're already logged in you can reach out to them by clicking one of the icons on my badge below. In those channels we can securely verify your account information and get the ball rolling on this.

        As a side note, I'm going to send you a private message regarding your username in a moment. Can you please check your inbox and reply there when you have a second? Thank you!


        - Marissa